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The question is why the hell hasn't this been fixed already? All this shit is server side, so especially things like this that make a big stink and make world wide headlines have no reason to still be broken.   Maps data WAS improving for a month or so after iOS6 released but it seems like nothing has been updated since then. Why is that? Starting to think maybe they fired the wrong guy, Eddy is in charge of all the internet stuff right?   Apple is a smart...
Yup, exactly - BBM went down for days. For a supposedly "enterprise" level product, and to add insult to injury it was right on the eve of an iPhone release no?   Far more serious than a few hours of down time that iMessage etc. sees and more mock-worthy because of the timing.   http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/bbm-still-down-as-blackberry-blames-core-switch-failure-50005594/     No one is perfect, even AWS was down less than a month ago and took down a ****...
Better watch out Google, more than one company can play the "anonymous" patent re-examination game. It'd be a shame if suddenly a massive amount of Google patents started getting this. Starting with those nice juicy ones you paid all those Billions for.
1) Just like at the MS press conference they don't show anybody actually using the keyboard. Funny that since it's supposed to be so magical and awesome to use. I'm guessing the phrase "barely usable" will be more apt once this is in peoples hands.   2) LOL at 0:13 with the guys sitting on the bench. Notice how they turn the Surface so its like a laptop... except the surface needs the kickstand to stand up so it would not be able to be used in that manner.   3)...
Microsoft over promising and under delivering on their software? Unpossible!!!
So Samsung how's that "destiny" thing working out for you? Quite smooth?
Nice try DingleBerry. Try cutting another $400 off the price and maybe you have a chance. Lol
Is it just me or does this sound really backwards? Apple is deprecating their own Webkit plugin API and telling dev's to go back to using Netscape plugin API's?
English vocabulary FAIL!
How do you figure? Apple is under no obligation to provide marketing for a competing product on their own products. The app store is Apple's and they are free to do with it as they wish.
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