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Yeah... good luck with that Sony. At least you have an apt acronym for your service, SOS.
ZOMG Flash on OS X Sucks???? Stop the presses! Wait... hasn't flash always sucked? What's the news here? We all know Flash is one of the worst things on OS X, Adobe is basically incompetent and unable to make any of their software work decently on the Mac platform.
God I hope not, the Leopard Exposé was horrible. Unusable really. Not that Snow Leopards is perfect, but a lot better IMO.
They are only there in case you elected not to install some part of them during the install process, or in case you delete any of those system apps at a later point and need to reinstall.
If AI were to do a review of Windows 7 it would HAVE to be done by Prince McLean. I'd expect no less
I agree with addabox that your post is pretty ironic, how about ratcheting down the full on PR mode? Also I wouldn't put any stock into gadget blogs (who's sole purpose IMO is to jerk off various gadget fanboys each day then jerk off the opposing set of fanboys the next to rake in the hits) Gadget blogs are also the ones who tend to call every POS PMP and Smart phone the next [insert apple product here] killer. The Zune HD MIGHT have the best screen ever, it it could end...
Here you go, why don't you buy an HTC Hero so you can have "maddening" and "unusable" Flash.http://www.engadget.com/2009/07/23/htc-hero-review/ Scroll towards the bottom to see the flash stuff.
Wow, thats very tempting the price on the 80 GB is great. If Intel would make the 160 GB the price of the 80 I'd probably buy it even though my MacBook already has a 128GB G.Skill Falcon SSD. ^_^ Hell maybe I could go for the 80. I am only using around 38GB total on my Mac now. If only I had more expendable income... Just for the record the Falcon SSD is great a lot better than using a standard HDD. The intel one is just nicer.
I would guess the call from Apple is about as true as him physically doing "cartwheels" down the hallway. ie. A completely made up story that sounded good and got the people pumped up for how AWESOME MS is. The timeline especially seems strange, I don't see why Apple would have contacted them 2 weeks ago since they have been airing the commercials for months and the new MBP's have been available for over a month.
Please explain to me, as Joe Web User how the licensing problems affect me at all? Apple has already paid for me to encode/decode h.264 and included that functionality to me for free with OS X / Quicktime? If Mozilla has enough cash to fund their Theora trojan horse to usurp the already de-facto video standard they should have enough money to fork over to pay licensing fees for h.264 also.
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