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You really need to wake up, Apple is doing what they are required to do to protect their business. Psystar is OBVIOUSLY nothing more than a massive scam and you'd have to be pretty dense to be on their side in the first place.
I'm not even sure Microsoft has enough money to pay off everyone to use Silverlight. They have a huge way to go to even make a dent since flash is so entrenched. Even when they do pay off someone to use Silverlight it doesn't seem to last long. Such as the MLB.http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-10098963-93.html Best care scenario for video IMO is that all these flash sites start using h.264 on the backend to drive their flash players and they are smart enough to serve up the...
I suppose anything is possible. But putting iPhone/iPod Touch apps on Apple TV doesn't seem very *probable*. You can't interact with them at all in the same way you do on an iPhone. The resolution of the TV's is much larger than that on the iPhone, so none of the apps would work anyway. The aspect ratio is all wrong as most iPhone apps are made for portrait mode not landscape mode. I don't know how you would put Xcode in the Apple TV, it's not really setup to be...
Please give reference to any litigation Apple is engaged in regarding these patents at this very moment, or [ed: snipped profanity attack] kindly.[edited: profanity isn't to be used against another member]
I don't know, watching their keynote now and it seems like their biggest mistake is announcing this and showing off quite a bit of the functionality. Apple has been very agile with their development, by not releasing the Pre now they at least give Apple the chance to pick off any of the low hanging fruit from the Pre. If we're looking at Summer for the Pre, Apple could probably do one, maybe 2 system software updates, and possibly a new hardware revision. Even something...
Apparently you didn't actually try to play it on your iPhone... Why don't you try it and come back because it works fine.
You are either trolling hardcore or one of the most...blissful people in the world. Frankly you sound about 13 years old with your incoherent ramblings. If you really are 48 maybe you should reflect on the garbage you post and make a better effort to sound like an adult instead of a child.
In other news released today, it has been found that 100% of so-called analysts are "complete f*****g morons"
Ehhh, uh nice rant Mr. PHD. Maybe you should look into using your own product to solve your issues...
New Posts  All Forums: