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I think they are trying to spin it like Apple is saying that the people who use PCs are just a "stereotype" and that if you're a "PC" that you aren't some horrible stereotype, you're a HUMAN BEING!! Some people just don't get it and think that the Apple ads attack or insult PC users, the reality is everyone is supposed to like PC, and feel bad for him for all the stuff that he is besieged by because of Windows, and then realize that you're PC experience doesn't have to be...
Well OK, you got me there.
Is it just me or is Microsoft completely missing the mark? To me the I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC commercials show Long and Hodgman as the personification of the actual hardware not as users, not belonging a group. So when PC says, "I'm a PC" it really means "I AM a PC". It's about how your experience using a Mac is better because your computer won't be besieged by all the crap you have to deal with on windows. After watching the commercial this is the impression I'm...
Apparently there won't be any presentation:http://wesleytech.com/ces-hd-dvd-eve...ouncement/483/
Thats unfortunate for you then since the movie studios do need to care about what the rest of the world is using, since they'll be selling their movies in other territories than the US.
Another week another loss for HD-DVD. According to the AVS forum Blu took another win for the week of the 23rd. Nielsen contest results for 12/28/2007 Correct Nielsen/VideoScan ratio : 61:39 Same ratio as the week before. And apparently this brings us to 52 weeks of Blu trouncing HD-DVD. Maybe next week HD-DVD will win? According to the HD-DVD camp wasn't there supposed to be a mad rush after Christmas for HD-DVD movies? You know due to all those tens of...
Wow! Great for Blu-ray. This lead was quite a bit bigger than I expected to see. Come over any time Warner. Lets put this lame game to a rest, its obvious HD-DVD doesn't have what it takes to cut it.
Fact: Blu-ray IS winning. The PS3, Disc Capacity, Studios are all part of why it is.
I don't think they need to start their spin engines,seems they've somehow managed to create a perpetual motion spin machine!
I am still confused on one thing, I've been reading the posts on the highdefdigest forums and followed a link from there (http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...940249&page=11) and it looks like Blu-Ray won handily again???Am I missing something?
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