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I remember back in 2007 when I had an iBook G4 12", tiny little machine but when S.Jobs introduced it he said that the polycarbonate case was made of the same material that was used in bulletproof vests. I was on a super loaded bus and the thin fabric messenger bag I had it in got behind the massive bus door as it opened and pressed the laptop on its edge against the bus wall. I assumed my laptop would be broken in half given the force of the door, but it actually emerged...
Are you using the sports apple watch or the stainless steel one? I wonder if the steel one is as resistant as the sports one.
from what I understand $549 and $599 are rubber band still in apple watch stainless steel. even gold watch $10k sells with rubber band. It's safe to expect another $100-$200 to upgrade it to leather.
If you were excited when iPad came out you were a minority. Press was highly skeptical, as much so that when iPad two came out apple put out a video to show an "I told you" moment from the apple employees to the world of tech reviewers who were focusing on how iPad had no chances because tablets were never success, it's just for watching youtube vids, and most importantly, had no camera. So plenty of people like you there, always not excited after watching an apple event....
much cheaper than the $40k the press were discussing previously.
The link won't work because of the four letter word that got censored in **** , but this fake Steve is too good and appropriate so I'll post it here : So I know this is kind of sick but one thing I really like to do is screw around with car salesmen. Like I’ll be bored or something or just driving up the highway and I’ll see a car lot and I’ll say to myself, Jobso, it’s go time. I do this a lot. I know. It’s fu***ng evil and I’m wasting their time. What can I tell you?...
This totally makes sense! It must be Steve Jobs last project, makes me think of that day when fake Steve bought a van to troll the used car salesman : http://www.fakesteve.net/2008/03/confession-i-love-to-****-with-car.html click here (For your enjoyment)
this reminds me of when Ballmer had an event right before the apple keynote to promote the HP Slate and a lot of other windows "slates" because the analysts thought apple will call the yet-unreleased iPad .. iSlate. And then that same tablet went on to sell a couple of thousands while Apple sold millions. That event was truly embarassing and perhaps the Samsung event will resemble it.
I believe she truly does understate Ive, like the CNBC interviewer is suggesting in the video from the link. Ive's role as spiritual companion to Jobs and not reporting to anyone at apple (as stated by SJ in his biography) allows Apple to keep the intersection between tech and liberal arts going, with two persons at helm: Cook like a more traditional CEO, and Ive like the design ethos of the company with still no reporting authority above him at the helm. Great thought has...
IpiPhones and iPods are already added:"As noted by leading market analyst Benedict Evans, Apple's combined production of Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices peaked in the December quarter at a level slightly higher than all Windows PCs put together, or essentially equal with all PCs combined with all Windows Phone shipments."
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