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What I think it's unfair is to add chrome books as computers as their crippled OS lets you do even less than iPad / android (they are essentially a web browser) it's like the juju tablet
good catch ipilya, I was at the Apple store the other day and even though the ipad air wasn't on display yet, I can't help thinking how they could do same thing with Macbook Air 11", as it has a huge rim around the screen.. then we could have macbook 13" in 11" format! that would be truly awesome, as my 13" retina is still a bit too heavy to lug along with a couple of books.
doing more... how about "quality over quantity?" If you look at the amount spent on R&D between Apple and MSFT, somebody may honor us with the number but I believe apple was about 2billion/year and msft much much more... now looking at the major results, MSFT beyond managing to copy Mac OS and the original Word Express and whatever spreadsheet software was ruling in the 80's (maybe Lotus) to build it into their Windoze  + Office empire, not much innovative ground-breaking...
This is an awesome feature for people who still use a 3-4 year old iphone like my mom! Now she could install another app on her non-jailbroken 3G phone which still perfectly works and could easily last her another 2 years. Also I remember a few years back when iPad 2 came out apples website bid people to donate their iPad 1 for schools in underdeveloped countries. Now those kids can install other apps as well Kudos to apple for thinking about this and doing the right thing.
yea, sure, Ballmer.
I dug this gem of a quote from the Canalys article : "We expect the Surface pads to have a similar impact on the PC industry as the Zune did in portable music players,’ commented Canalys Analyst Tim Coulling."
His comment implies that MS would re-launch Zune.. Also theres markets wihin markets : Zune 2? Zune nano? Zune shuffle ? I can't wait for the MicrosoftTV!!
Thanks for replying me. I totally agree on theta and vega as I saw my position not increase two earnings call ago although my out of the money options were supposed to double at a $10 increase in stock about two earning calls ago. Nonetheless, I didn't see that much volatility prior to this earnings call, meaning that the volatility around 425 actually decreased during the day due to a decrease in stock price. On this, I was reading a very interesting article today...
Thanks a lot for all your replies, my options were frightfully out of the money as when I bought them 1 month ago price was 380. Time value for a month netted out the gains up until today but I'll be seeing them at least double tomorrow A fantastic day for apple stock!
So this position of yours must have cost about 5-10k, am I right? Because with 1k invested in calls I don't see making more than 2-3k I when markets open tomorrow.. And how do u know call options prices after market close?? Thanks if u have time to answer me, and a big congrats!!
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