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This is an awesome feature for people who still use a 3-4 year old iphone like my mom! Now she could install another app on her non-jailbroken 3G phone which still perfectly works and could easily last her another 2 years. Also I remember a few years back when iPad 2 came out apples website bid people to donate their iPad 1 for schools in underdeveloped countries. Now those kids can install other apps as well Kudos to apple for thinking about this and doing the right thing.
yea, sure, Ballmer.
I dug this gem of a quote from the Canalys article : "We expect the Surface pads to have a similar impact on the PC industry as the Zune did in portable music players,’ commented Canalys Analyst Tim Coulling."
His comment implies that MS would re-launch Zune.. Also theres markets wihin markets : Zune 2? Zune nano? Zune shuffle ? I can't wait for the MicrosoftTV!!
Thanks for replying me. I totally agree on theta and vega as I saw my position not increase two earnings call ago although my out of the money options were supposed to double at a $10 increase in stock about two earning calls ago. Nonetheless, I didn't see that much volatility prior to this earnings call, meaning that the volatility around 425 actually decreased during the day due to a decrease in stock price. On this, I was reading a very interesting article today...
Thanks a lot for all your replies, my options were frightfully out of the money as when I bought them 1 month ago price was 380. Time value for a month netted out the gains up until today but I'll be seeing them at least double tomorrow A fantastic day for apple stock!
So this position of yours must have cost about 5-10k, am I right? Because with 1k invested in calls I don't see making more than 2-3k I when markets open tomorrow.. And how do u know call options prices after market close?? Thanks if u have time to answer me, and a big congrats!!
Yep but that's after hours for the stock price, my question was how the OP knew the option price as that didn't change..
I got calls in Aapl too.. But how do you know the option price before the markets open tomorrow?
I always wanted to publish my own book with large exposure this is perfect!! I guess I'll resign my job and turn into a freelance Hank Moody right now. Thank you so much Apple!
New Posts  All Forums: