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So, if you keep adding cores, you eventually end up with a perpetuum mobile?That would make more sense if H.264 weren't a common codec in Flash.
That's still 2, not 3.
A DisplayPort display can't magically convert a DVI signal? Gasp.
So you're saying Apple will sell more computers than HP, DELL and Apple combined are currently selling?Do you actually know the first thing about what those are?
And here I thought this was going to be a thread about Hitler and Steve Jobs.
Windows 7 doesn't have a built-in Mail client. You can download Windows Live Mail instead. And no, that doesn't have Exchange support.Point me to the version of Windows with "native exchange support". You'd need Outlook. And on the Mac, you'd need Entourage. What's the big difference, really?
It's "iCal", not "calendar". Also, Mail is still rather awful at handling large mailboxes. It has gotten better, but it's hardly "100x better".
Here's the Newton OS All Icons screen, ca. 1993:And here's your original claim:It looks like we can actually go back 16 years and "see the same grid arrangement of applications", including a number of "fixed icons that make up the bottom row". On an Apple product.
So breaking, you misspelt the title and didn't add any opinion of your own?
Apple isn't admitting anything. Apple is referring to a review that praises the MacBook Pro line-up for its displays, especially concerning color accuracy: "colour accuracy in the three MacBook Pro displays is as right as we've seen in a laptop display, equal to or better than some midrange desktop displays and not that far off the level of colour correctness found in a premium desktop display". That same article happens to complain about gloss. Apple doesn't quote that...
New Posts  All Forums: