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  I like the Clapper. Used to live in an apartment with a bad cable modem that required frequent reboots. The solution: attach modem to Clapper. Problem solved (Well, problem mitigated...)
 It could be, but it is also possible the API has several ways to access the gyro and only some of them cause the issue. Or, certain apps might be more demanding of the gyro. That this bug seems to only effect certain models of phone seems to indicate that there is a fault in the hardware or the system software.
 Yes, and I think SpamSandwich's point is that a change in software standards doesn't relate to how the management hierarchy is set up. E.g. if you have three groups in a company and one measures things in meters, another uses centimeters, and another uses feet and you decide they should all switch to meters, that doesn't mean that you are moving from a flat to a hierarchical management style, it just means you are standardizing on common infrastructure / language. ...
I think he is saying that standardizing on a common software stack for several services doesn't say anything about how hierarchical or flat the organization is as a whole.
 I don't know much about car manufacturing costs, so I'm curious – what are the major inefficiencies which might be avoided?
 Fair enough, but apparently the team Tesla built has at least enough unique skills that Apple is willing to pay a premium for them. (Assuming any of the various rumors flying about are true).
 Just like when MITS collapsed and the Altair computer line was discontinued, thus spelling the end of personal / home computers... Or when Apple introduced the Newton which failed, scaring them away from hand-held electronics in perpetuity...  or when the first battle tanks were introduced in WWI, and most of them broke down before reaching the front and those that didn't failed to cause a breakout causing armies to dismiss the idea of armored fighting vehicles... /s  If...
 Hard to say since I don't know the power efficiency of the screen in "flash" mode. But, lets assume its superlinear and it consumes 10x the energy during a flash. And, lets assume the flash takes 1 second. And, lets assume the screen is the only power draw in the phone. And, suppose your average use is to use the selfie flash once per hour. Then your power draw would be  3609/3600-1 or 0.25% greater. So if your phone currently lasts 14 hours on a charge, it will now last...
In fairness, he says that the self-driving cars and the "pool" will be ubiquitous in 10 years and just that the change will start in 2017.
 I never said they "simply outsource" – Apple's involvement in developing the process and providing tooling is well known.  The point is, there are very few Apple employees who are directly manufacturing things (i.e. sitting on the assembly line) - Apple provides services such as the design and engineering, which is generally the more lucrative activity.  Hence why Apple's margins are closer to 30% and Foxconn's to 3%.  Of course - services are being disrupted all the...
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