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 I don't think they are directly competing with Apple. The Pebble costs almost half as much at the reported Apple Watch and has a  different feature set. There is some overlap, but I don't think they are going head to head here.
 http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/053014-702871-the-dead-hand-of-crony-capitalism-exposed.htm http://news.heartland.org/newspaper-article/2014/06/02/study-more-harm-good-targeted-business-incentives
 He is a co-defendant (with Apple and the other former A123 employees) in the current suit.
 If the state has to build and maintain the roads, sewer/water, and other facilities to support the Apple plant, and the cost of that is less than the tax revenue of the new employees, then this may be a bad move for the state. Of course, if the added revenue is greater than the cost, it is a win for the state. I'm generally in favor of tax breaks, but a lot of times it is not clear if cities or states really do a sensible cost/benefit analysis or if they are guided by a...
 The other defendants in the suit (the employees who moved to apple) signed non-compete (won't work for a competitor), non-disclosure (won't divulge secrets), and non-solicitation (won't recruit from the old company) agreements. I believe the suit is claiming that Apple motivated them to break all three. Non-compete (and possibly non-solicitation) is hard to enforce in many jurisdictions (e.g. California), but the suit is in Massachusetts, where, presumably, they can be...
 I'm not sure how the jurisdictional matters work, but the suit was filed in Massachusetts, not CA.
So this analyst saw an Apple owned car, ergo apple will be entering the automotive market.   I think he is thinking too small. Apple is building a huge new campus and several Apple stores, clearly they are going to enter the general construction market! If they capture only 10%, that's a $60B business!  Plus, rumor has it that their new campus will have _several_ cafeterias. Apple Restaurants can't be too far behind! Another $10B+ business!  And every rendering of their...
 Carl Icahn is disliked and distrusted because he is seen as an asset stripping corporate raider. The fear is that he is very short-term oriented and not interested in a company's long-term health. People fear he will gain control (or at least influence) over Apple and push them in directions that will lead to short term profits, but hurt them in the long term. 
 It is more of a backward-compatibility issue than the quality of the software. Often, someone working in a given market has a lot of existing slide decks that they pull from when making new presentations, or receives slides from people in the industry. Keynote's import feature is OK, but there are still inevitable errors and manual tweaking which must be done. Eventually you reach 'critical mass' with the new software, but it takes a while.
 I've seen the A8 estimated at 2 Billion, not 3. This probably includes the 1GB LP DDR, which is a billion transistors by itself. I'm guessing the 1.4B number is just the SRAM and logic transistors.  http://www.extremetech.com/computing/189787-apples-a8-soc-analyzed-the-iphone-6-chip-is-a-2-billion-transistor-20nm-monster
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