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Wait, so you are complaining about Apple supporters using cherry picked, anecdotal evidence with a small sample size ("a library in Michigan"), and then you back your case with anecdotal evidence from a book store and a starbucks? Perhaps a review of statistics and sampling is in order... In any case, both this article and the eWeek article about Millennial Media are limited. Neither claims to give a view of the total market, only the specific companies (InMobi and...
Why not? I doubt they wrote it in x86 assembly.
That sounds unergonomic. Looking down at a desk for long periods is uncomfortable.
It depends on the airline, but several are exploring or are already using the iPad as an electronic flight bag. I think American Airlines is the most recent big US carrier to start trying it.
American Apparel is a decent sized company which makes it clothing (and cloth, I think) in the US. Of course, they have their own share of other controversies.
There might be some performance issues on the older phones, but I think the big factor is that a lot of the Siri processing happens on Apple's servers, so it would consume Apple resources if every iPhone had immediate access to Siri.
You've found Apple's internal inventory and IT systems less stable due to a rumor of the possibility of future outsourcing? Wow.
The article seems to indicate that Apple will outsource developing applications to support its internal IT requirements (e.g. shipping, supply chain management, etc...) rather than directly develop end-user code.
The US Government also has an annoying habit of making it difficult for foreign students to stay in the country once they get a technical education. Combining this with the unwillingness of native-born students to enter the field, and the country ends up losing the very people who are needed to build an advanced economy. At one time, someone with an advanced degree from the US had every incentive to stay in the US and work. Now, they can find good jobs back home, plus the...
The article says the India currently gets $100M of the $500M Apple spends on outsourcing. If China is the only other country Apple outsources to, they would be getting $400M. If Apple quadruples its outsourcing to India, India would be getting about as much as China. Unless the manufacturing is China isn't considered outsourcing.
New Posts  All Forums: