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You've found Apple's internal inventory and IT systems less stable due to a rumor of the possibility of future outsourcing? Wow.
The article seems to indicate that Apple will outsource developing applications to support its internal IT requirements (e.g. shipping, supply chain management, etc...) rather than directly develop end-user code.
The US Government also has an annoying habit of making it difficult for foreign students to stay in the country once they get a technical education. Combining this with the unwillingness of native-born students to enter the field, and the country ends up losing the very people who are needed to build an advanced economy. At one time, someone with an advanced degree from the US had every incentive to stay in the US and work. Now, they can find good jobs back home, plus the...
The article says the India currently gets $100M of the $500M Apple spends on outsourcing. If China is the only other country Apple outsources to, they would be getting $400M. If Apple quadruples its outsourcing to India, India would be getting about as much as China. Unless the manufacturing is China isn't considered outsourcing.
This would be ideal, but I don't think it fits under the current realization of IP law. Ideally, companies should be able to borrow from each other (to some extent), and acknowledge influence, but doing so would potentially open them to legal attack. Thus, we have companies pretending that everything they come up with sprang fully formed from the head of their R&D department, with no intellectual heritage.
:-)That's true for rational argument, but for some reason doesn't seem to hold for many people's perception. Many people expect more of Apple, so when something bad comes to light they are shocked and outraged. If the same conditions are associated with another company people shrug and ignore it.
Its not clear from the summary, but they do mention one component of "emotional appeal" is "Trust". Amazon does do a good job of being a trusted retailer, in that they have a good return policy, tend to ship things on time, have pretty good communication with customers, and do a good job as an arbiter between the consumer and other retailers through the "Amazon Marketplace". It might also be that Amazon does a decent job of suggesting products for customers, so people...
"Social responsibility" is one of the measured vectors. It is not derailing to wonder how the bad press (justified or not) that Apple has been getting has or will effect its image. As Macky pointed out, Apple is high right now due to the "Buzz" factor. It will be interesting to see if this continues and Apple maintains it image like CocaCola has for decades, or if Apple is at a high point right now, but will lost attention. The technology sector can be fickle. Unless...
On my personal MBP, I like to watch movies. That's just about the only thing I ever use it for. On my work MBP, occasionally I might get some documents on a CD, but that is vanishingly rare.... I have to admit that I'd prefer to have an internal ODD and I'll happily sacrifice a few mm of thickness, but I can see how my use case might not be a market driver. As long as there is a large screen and I can stuff enough DRAM in, I'll be happy. The early Airs were a little too...
The way things were in the 1950s? So you're calling for much higher marginal tax rates on the rich, and higher union memberships? :-)
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