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Because they are measuring at different points, after stressing the processor in different ways and with the iPad in different positions. In all the cases (even the CR test) the qualitative result was the same - its warmer, but not too bad.
I'm a little confused as the anger directed at CR for this article. All they did was point out that the new iPad gets warmer than the iPad 2 (something which others have reported and which is really not surprising) and they specifically said :and Why is everyone getting defensive?They said it is warmer, but that's not a big deal, and overall it is a great device. This is bad?
There is more to a computer than the processor. Apple increased the DRAM, the display, and the battery, so the device as a whole (the computer) dissipates more power, even if some individual components consume less power.
Intel has made some vague pronouncements on this, but they are far from being a turnkey fab like TSMC or Global. From what I've seen, they've opened up to some FPGA makers, but doing that is common for fabs to fine-tune their fab line (nice regular structures to test new fab processes on). The margins on fab-for-hire are much lower than if you design the chip as well. Intel will be wary against giving that up, and they certainly don't want to do it for an architecture...
I'd also add the larger potential DRAM capacity of the current Pro over the Air. Having the option to get 8GB is very nice and makes a laptop a feasible development platform, 4GB gets a little tight at times.
Its not a question of horsepower as much as interface. I do a bit of work in 3D modeling, and even a 15 inch laptop without an extended keyboard lowers productivity. You really need a big monitor (or three) and different input devices.
Putting a data center in a rural area is not very difficult - you only need a small staff. Putting a customer service and accounting center there is much more difficult, as it is hard to staff. I.e. Getting 3600 accountants, sales, etc... people to move to Austin (or who already live there) is much easier than convincing 3600 people to move to a town of 3300 in the middle of nowhere... I have nothing against small towns, but the fact is staffing tends to be much easier in...
There are a whole lot of people who shape and form metal in pretty much every industry that mechanical or aerospace engineering touches. I think the article is poorly titled and there is no apparent link to automotive work in the posted ad. It would be like if Apple posted an ad saying they were hiring someone with experience in mold making, and then AI posted an article titled "Apple Hiring Dentists!" because mold making is used to make dentures... There is a potential...
My thoughts exactly. The job requirements don't mention cars, they mention mechanical engineering and manufacturing processes which are used to produce just about everything. I'm not sure how the "automotive" part got attached to this story...
Apple hasn't confirmed they will announce an iPad. Personally, I think they will use this chance to announce a different and much anticipated new product: http://www.edibleapple.com/2012/02/2...ed-gas-stoves/.
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