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    Could you clarify your definitions?  I tend to think of the two as the same, but you seem to have very precise and differing definitions.
    Skill workers will find jobs, but if those jobs are not in areas they like, they will find other jobs. :-)   It is much easier for companies to hire people where the people already live, like existing tech centers such as Austin, the Bay Area, etc...   Remember, the high quality software engineers and programmers have very low unemployment these days (about 4% or so for software engineers, probably less for the really good ones). Getting them to pick up and move is...
    I'm sure they try to do that, but no organization is perfect. People make mistakes and say things they shouldn't where they shouldn't. This just reduces the risk that the slip up will happen surrounded by other employees, who are less of a threat, than in a random restaurant where your competitor is sitting at the next table over.    
I don't agree with that interpretation. The question he was answering directly referenced software ("Windows 8 is a touched based operating system as well...") so I think he was making the case that like hardware, a one-size-fits-all philosophy doesn't work well for the software either. Certain interfaces make sense for a desktop, but not a tablet.
    If you read the actual blog post, they _are_ providing Mac Users with malware detection free of charge:   http://www.sophos.com/en-us/products/free-tools/sophos-antivirus-for-mac-home-edition.aspx
Among many, there seems to be a belief that RIM is on the verge of bankruptcy and liquidation. This is not the case. They still have a few billion dollars in cash, plus other longer-term assets and are still growing in some markets. Even if they continue to screw things up, they can keep going for years. It is very rare for companies to 'pull the plug' while they still have big revenue streams and lots of cash on hand. This is not to say that they don't have huge...
The thing that struck me was the prediction of 17 Million QNX-based systems. Is someone one other than RIM building QNX-based systems? Have Playbook sales really been that good this year to justify projections of 2.6M?
Are we reading the same stock symbol? RIMM's price nosedived in 2008 and has been dropping ever since, even in years when their sales went up. It seems like Wall Street realized that they were in trouble and has really given up in the last year or so.
I'd be wary of IDC. They also recently announced that x86 is going to overtake ARM in the embedded space: "According to IDC's figures, ARM had 71 per cent of the processors in embedded systems last year, but by 2016 this share will nearly halve to 38 per cent. By contrast, x86 systems, which currently have 8 per cent of the market, will grow to 41 per cent..."While its not impossible that ARM will overtake x86 for non-embedded systems, and x86 to simultaneously overtake...
Yes, a server would be. But, there are still some of us who miss our Mac Servers - they had a lot of nice things going for them. And an ARM-based server has much to recommend it (lower power, high density, etc...). Unlike the consumer space, recompiling for a new architecture (ARM vs x86) is not as much of an issue. The biggest problem for such a server (right now) is that ARM is currently 32-bit, which limits its effectiveness in many areas. This should be changing over...
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