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 Click-farms are a problem (I've seen estimates that say 10-20%), though I don't think Google is the one doing them, or at least not directly. I'm not sure which demographic are clicking on ads. I seldom do, but apparently a lot of people do click on them. Similarly, most TV commercials or print ads seem rather pointless, yet companies still pour money into those.  It could just be the way I tend to browse – if I want a specific product I'm more likely to go to a vendor...
 Google AdWords setups offer pay-per-click or pay-per-impression. I think the default and most common is pay-per-click. Lots of people do click on them, hence Google's revenue.
 The final assembly labor costs are fairly small (most estimates are in the $5-10 range per unit). Switching just that part to the US would add tens of dollars to Apple's final cost. However, it probably wouldn't impact shipping all that much – remember most iPhone customers are not in the US anymore. Since Asia is one of the fastest growing markets it may actually _add_ to the shipping costs. And, many parts for the iPhone come from Japan and Korea, so you would have to...
 I'm glad it's working for you, I've run into a lot of the issues that others have reported (primarily not downloading or syncing). Since the app has a 2 1/2 star rating on iTunes, and the apple support page is very active, I suspect I'm not alone.
 I don't think they are directly competing with Apple. The Pebble costs almost half as much at the reported Apple Watch and has a  different feature set. There is some overlap, but I don't think they are going head to head here.
 http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/053014-702871-the-dead-hand-of-crony-capitalism-exposed.htm http://news.heartland.org/newspaper-article/2014/06/02/study-more-harm-good-targeted-business-incentives
 He is a co-defendant (with Apple and the other former A123 employees) in the current suit.
 If the state has to build and maintain the roads, sewer/water, and other facilities to support the Apple plant, and the cost of that is less than the tax revenue of the new employees, then this may be a bad move for the state. Of course, if the added revenue is greater than the cost, it is a win for the state. I'm generally in favor of tax breaks, but a lot of times it is not clear if cities or states really do a sensible cost/benefit analysis or if they are guided by a...
 The other defendants in the suit (the employees who moved to apple) signed non-compete (won't work for a competitor), non-disclosure (won't divulge secrets), and non-solicitation (won't recruit from the old company) agreements. I believe the suit is claiming that Apple motivated them to break all three. Non-compete (and possibly non-solicitation) is hard to enforce in many jurisdictions (e.g. California), but the suit is in Massachusetts, where, presumably, they can be...
 I'm not sure how the jurisdictional matters work, but the suit was filed in Massachusetts, not CA.
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