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TCO & ROI is not valuable .. for most people ;-)
ROFL .. pile of ads too ;-)
no tele needed
All depends on the use case? Short-term updatable interactive learning > eBook. Long-term static literature > Book. The only challenge will be increasing prices of books, as cheaper eBooks will be around. Good news vinyls are still around and produced despite CD & now MP3s ;-) And from a price-perspective what I have seen here in Europe, they aren't really over-the-top. If you love them, you still can afford them.
The vSIM idea, which is similar to prepaid vouchers (except entering the voucher number): You walk into the shop. Buy a vSIM. Data is wirelessly transferred onto your phone. No need to input anything manually, no way to manipulate any information. Additional network specific info might be transferred OTA upon initial subscription to the network. Voila vSIM. PS: Not sure if it requires a special chip (NFC) or existing wireless interfaces can be used. Same for storing the info.
yup exactly what i was thinking about last week. native iOS Apps in the dashboard to be able to sell iOS Apps to only OS X users and have a space for iPhone iOS Apps in combination with a virtual "full-screen" iPad iOS space (coupled/integrated to your iPhone/iPad). Bringing iOS (ARM) Apps onto the desktop, users will get used to them on the desktop and certainly iWork iOS Apps will get richer. In parallel ARM & GPUs get more powerful over the next years and imagine an...
It will come down to the fact that People's Republic of China does not diplomatically recognize Republic of China (Tawain) and will rule in favor of the People's Republic of China entity. Assuming that Apple will settle for a "lower" amount to avoid a complete breakdown of the global iPad business and manufacturing within the People's Republic of China.
what about PVR functionality provided in the iCloud? no need for duplicating recordings locally ... picture the advantage if heaps of people record the same TV programme ... 1 recording serving heaps of consumers on multiple devices ... not sure about the legal implications tho!
I think it would just be a feature of the TV. The main issue is still content and I hope Steve was cracking this one. Siri+TV(remote) is a no-brainer, which does not necessarily requires SJ's cracking ...
I guess Apple is using Data Warehousing/Mining to identify patterns, analyse past "EasyPay" purchases and compare all purchases to inventory figures to identify stock "leakage". I am sure Apple didn't launch this without knowing predicted possible theft and revenue loss. The model would take such figures into account and Apple figured out that % of revenue loss is ignorable and/or outweighs additional revenue generated plus reduced costs based on self-service. Just...
New Posts  All Forums: