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fixed.. thanks (??)
Firefox doesn't like your RSS FIX PLEASE OMG
The investor reaction looks pretty erratic to me. It also looks like the significance of the products has little to do with investor reaction. For instance, the iPhone announcement got a huge response, but it was just about the lamest keynote ever. Moreover, it was obvious by the lack of anything else being released at that time that Apple was farting around when it came to its other products (including the cash-cow known as iPod). Of course, this was later driven...
Wow. That was a biased-ass article. What it didn't mention is that Amazon will be offering tracks in MP3 format, meaning Amazon will have an incredible advantage in compatibility. If it's the same price as iTunes, and at the same bitrate, I'll be shopping at Amazon. So what if it takes another 2 seconds to add the file to the iTunes Library? ... experts are dismissing [it] as a second-rate effort aimed at shadowing Apple's iTunes service. Not this expert.
1) TiVo is cheaper, faster, has a larger selection, and is higher quality 2) Netflix is cheaper, faster, has a larger selection, and is higher quality 3) Netflix and TiVo require boxes cheaper than Apple TV 4) Netflix and Tivo support HD AppleTV is not a replacement, it's just a supplementary technology for iTunes DRM victims.... er.. customers OK, so 50 million TV shows/movies have been downloaded from itunes. I bet a BILLION TV shows/movies have been viewed through...
I think the broadness and prior art related to this patent makes it MORE benign, not less. You on the cold medicine too, kasper?
1. Boot Drive (80GB 10,000RPM) 2. Bootcamp Drive (250GB 7200RPM - stock model) 3. User Folder (500GB 7200RPM) 4. RAID-0 part 1/2 (300GB 7200 RPM) 5. RAID-0 part 2/2 (300GB 7200 RPM) I'm getting another 500GB this week which I'll pair with the aforementioned 500 to create a 1TB RAID-0. The two 300GB's will go external (39inch SATA + extended molex), and I'm going to add another optical drive. So yeah, no more 5th internal HD An issue I have is that the 'startup disk'...
Patents are 2 fold: 1 is getting the patent which ANYONE can get on ANYTHING. 2 is suing anyone who violates it, and winning. I could have a patent on the wheel from 2000 BC, but it doesn't do any good if I don't have the scratch to sue firestone. You have your patents, they have theirs. Many times, people are given patents for something that have already been patented. In that case, enforcement of the patent lies on the original person. That person has to go to court to...
I'll assume you mean retail stores. Selection is poor, price is high, BTOs are not serviceable under applecare onsite, bad music on the speakers (which is always too loud), employees are not knowledgeable enough for my taste. There is also other stuff like backorders on old replacement parts taking way too long. My PM G5 has been waiting for a new mobo for about 3 months now.
I'd like to add that this will take a LOOOONG time (maybe even 24 hours), but yes, it's the best way
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