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shipping is way overpriced
I only have PS CS1. It runs like absolute crap on my Mac Pro. I'm not just talking about speed, either. There are bugs up the wazoo CS3 beta requires a CS2 key to download (according to this article. I wonder how illegal it would be to torrent the CS3 beta, since they're technically giving it away 'free'. I need to do something, because I'm certainly not buying CS2 just to use CS3 for a few months (until the beta expires). CS1 works JUST well enough not to shell out...
they do if it's water and you don't tell them
I hadn't seen it.Regardless, with the NVidia 8800 out now, the difference between 8x and 16x should be more apparent.Also, I updated this post.
Sorry, the Mac Pro runs 235W per PCIe Cable, and the 8800 takes 281W. Someone mentioned that the excess wattage would be taken directly from the PCIe power lane (in the PCIe slot) but I'm not sure I agree with that.
Well, first off, the current Mac Pro is a few watts (powerwise) shy of working with the 8800 at full speed. The Mac Pro can spare something around 215W and the 8800 takes 275W at peak. Therefore, in order to run the 8800 in the current Mac Pro, you'll have to add in another PSU and rig it in there. Otherwise, at peak times your computer will just SHUT OFF from too much power usage (don't worry, it doesn't break anything). There ARE 300W PSUs that will fit in the extra...
That's how the 'pestulance' affects all cylon crap--the related genes. I'm wondering if they're going to do something stupid like give sharon the disease just because she entered the area. Anyone else feel bad for Baltar? Say what you will about him not standing up for anything, but he's come close to death in just about every episode.
I was gonna get one of these because my old shuffle is actually starting to rust and it was causing problems. Just magically started working today though (and I was just about to run out and buy a new one).. Long live the shuffle!
$249 for the BTO option, which means you don't get the 7300.It's $400 for the card by itself, meaning the Mac 7300 is worth $150.You can sell the 7300 on e-bay, as it works in Macs and PCs (it has a dual-ROM).So if you can buy it 3rd party for $300, flash it for free, and sell your 7300 for more than $50, it's cheaper than upgrading. I actually WANTED the 7300 in my machine in addition to the x1900, so to me buying the card after-market was the only option.Also, you have...
I don't know about all that. I think you flash the card to EFI and then Apple emulates BIOS when in Windows.Full acceleration and everything, I don't know why people were having issues with Windows before. This new ROM works fine though!The only reason I bought this card was because so many others had said they got it working in XP.
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