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Uh Actually, I use mine in both. You can do that now!
Just buy the PC version (Radeon X1900 512MB) and FLASH it! http://www.tenthousandpercent.com/?a...§ion=other I bought my x1900 off newegg.com for $270.
I thought these were already available. I was about to go pick one up sometime this week. Guess not...
Those girls aren't pretty enough to get me to become a vegetarian.EDIT: The thread starter is obviously ripping off the "Modest Proposal" essay by Johnathan Swift
replace "often" with "ALWAYS" This day and age, the west distributes enough food FOR FREE to feed the world and then some. The problem is with governments not allowing us to distribute the food or governments taking the food and selling it back to their own people, many times undercutting the local growers and thus leading to bankruptcy and government dependency. It costs virtually nothing to feed a person enough to keep them alive and nourished.
I agree. Going there is one thing, but being disruptive and not being courteous is another.Hah! I read the same thing! I saw one of their PR guys interviewed and he basically said that they're making an example out of Apple, because Apple's more in the people's heads than a company such as Dell.
nevermind, apparently I was using a function to detect if a variable was an array or not and it was malfunctioning in safari.
Apparently, Safari translates this array ...: Code: var happy_cakes = new Array( new Array(0,'Edit','posting.php?mode=editpost&sid=09cf 5dfc5ec6e04fde4982a19e31b084&t=33'), new Array(0,'Print','print.php?sid=09cf5dfc5ec6e04fde4 982a19e31b084&t=33'), new Array(3,'Set As Profile Text','padmin/set_as_profile.php?sid=09cf5dfc5ec6e04fde4982a19e3 1b084&t=33&user_id=2'), new Array(2,'Add Article to Blog ...','mode=blog_list','sub_mode=add'), new Array(2,'Remove Article...
I think we may have enough in the main lines, but the "last mile" (where the majority of cable needs to be laid), the local companies are messing around. It didn't help that @home went titsup due to horrible mismanagement, either. In the late 90's, companies like worldcom and global crossing told everbody that everyone was going to have gigabit by 2001. They were lying, of course, but they still layed an incredible amount of cable. I'm wondering if the demand for gigabit...
When was the last time a new PC had a hardware conflict?! I must have built hundreds of PCs, having it all "work together" is simply a matter of installing the drivers.But I was just pointing out that DIY is a real option for savvy computer users who don't require a Mac.I'm not saying Apple should compete with them on PRICE, I'm saying they should offer a $1000 iMac in a tower instead of attached to a monitor that not everyone needs. Make it a standard desktop! Even a...
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