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Holy crap.. "Gartner: Apple should quit hardware business" Did I really just read that?
Yes, according to some. However, the odds of a xylophone being on Mars are probably more quantifiable by a human being than the odds of a God existing. So if you were to argue over whether or not there's a xylophone on Mars, at least you're not wasting your time.I should point out that there's no point in arguing with someone who believes there's a xylophone on Mars, as they obviously have a wire crossed.Also, you could, theoretically, go to Mars, check under all the...
Debate over. Everyone loses. I love how in my logic class, the first argument we go over is God Vs. No God--they're both dogmatic and therefore not logical. Therefore, arguing is pointless. Either you believe in one, the other, or neither. There is no reason to argue about it! Remarkably, people still attempt to anyway. PS: Atheism is a religion too.
Then you have a pirated copy. Congratulations. Hit up the torrents or the best buy, because nobody here can help you.
if you really had created an nlite XP, you could simply reinstall using your original XP disk which you used
M$ doesn't mind cutting off a finger to save the hand. They spent millions developing handwriting recognition technology in the early 90's so that way all the entry-level companies would stop development, only to drop the project themselves shortly after most everyone had quit. Also, let's not forget that the X-box and 360 were loss leaders so they could make money off games. If the Mac actually does get even a 10% marketshare, M$ would probably do everything it could to...
Apple needs a real word processor. I guess textedit is technically as good as Wordpad for windows, but it'd be really killer if they actually included something better. And for god's sake, can we get a grammar checker in one of these non-Office apps!?
http://s03.imagehost.org/0578/Bliss_nuke.jpgclosest I've found
Would it really kill the drive? I don't think it would
The universe is infinite in time and space. If you look at a single atom in your finger, you'll find a universe with galaxies and solar sytems within it and and planets with humanities in them. And this humanity has atom with universes and so forth. This is the infinitely small as represented by the triangle pointing down. If we look beyond our universe, we will see that we are part of an atom that is part of a solar system that in another universe and this universe is...
New Posts  All Forums: