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yeah I just obtained a service manual and there's no easier way to do it
OK I Just watched that Crash movie as recommended by people in this thread. All I have to say is: WTF WAS THE POINT OF THAT?!? "hey look, CARS! Let's have sex!" "Car crash! Woot I'm horny!" "Hey let's drive like idiots! THEN HAVE SEX!" The acting was horrible and the story, though original, was dumb. It wasn't even well shot, either. Plus the music was repetitive and boring. The script was OK, considering the plot which the writer had to work with. It's not even...
Well duh. If Apple had their way, everything would be commercial free and up there concurrently with the airing of the episode. The point is: if Apple can't ensure that the product is commercial-free and delivered on time, I don't care whose fault it is, I'm not using iTMS. Moreover, as I should EXPECT for things to be on time and commercial-free, I should be NOTIFIED of exceptions before I purchase the episode. This is especially true considering iTMS was first pitched to...
With the rumored release of Lasso along side keynote and all the other office-type apps, I'm wondering if Apple is bracing for the day when Ballmer throws a chair and Office for mac is quashed. If Office for mac were eliminated, it'd decimate the Mac-using population, and damage future sales. I'm wondering when M$ will see the tiny division as more of a nuisance than profitable. Office for mac caused a resurgence in Mac sales when it was released because of that...
That's exactly what I was thinking. I've stopped buying iTMS shows because comedy central shows have that stupid commercial. Well, that and the updates to the season pass were way too slow. I had to wait 5 days for a stargate episode.. yeah uh I don't think so Apple.
DEAR GOD!! yeah uh.. I managed to loosen the fan assembly but I figured it was more trouble than it's worth so I shoved it back in. I figured maybe there was a missing latch or something that made it easier.. guess not.
$80 for the card, $50 for the enclosure While normally I'd agree, it's just not worth it for 1 more drive And for the record, I never complained about the lack of hard drive bays in the Mac Pro.. I didn't think the two in the G5 were enough
Thanks!However, the service manual is not on that page, I need photos of how to remove the memory and processor cage
Where do I get 'em? I need one for the Mac Pro. Any help would be nice
Installing a Fifth SATA Hard Drive in a Mac Pro Sorry I can't repost it, I put a crapload of pictures in there for instructional purposes and I'd have to redo the formatting to repost here. basically it's not as easy as you think I just updated it to make it a bit simpler
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