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tallest skil: get a life or better yet, learn to listen more---you may actually find that some people have opinions that are different than yours but greater merit and value. And OMG, they actually add to the value of this blog! Just because you log thousands of opinions on this forum doesn't make you the defender of all things Apple. Rather, you come across as shrill and condescending. I for one, found that gwmac's opinions made sense. And that elfig2012's frustration...
Glad to see that Samsung unveiled first. Now we'll get a chance to see the difference between Apple innovation and Samsung merely copying. Honestly, the watch is so boring and cobbled together---can't wait to see Ivey's fluid like iWatch design.
Microsoft Sync: "Consumer Reports cites reliability and safety concerns as reasons for not recommending Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch systems. In addition to requiring repeated trips to Ford dealerships for repairs, owners contend that system malfunctions are quite distracting and could potentially contribute to accidents causing loss of property, injury and death." Sounds familiar? The Blue Screen of Death now takes on a more...
Agreed on a bigger screen size and other innovations. Apple(Tim Cook) should take to heart what SJ advised concerning NOT to think what SJ would do...   I have an iPhone 4 and considering an upgrade---and the HTC One looks very nice (vs iPhone 5). The only thing holding me back is android (vs IOS).   I also chose Lightroom 4 over Aperature. Same reason: lack of innovation and upgrade.   And  although I wouldn't buy Samsung for the game they play, I...
I have the late 2009 27" iMac and also the retina iPad. I sit about 2 ft. from the screen and the text is noticeably less sharp and clear than the iPad. Especially for detail work. But I also appreciate the cost issue to go retina. So when the cost & performance align. I'll pull the trigger. Until then, Retina is more compelling then thinner screen width or faster processor.
My 70 y.o brother chose the B&N tablet because it's easy to use & free local help at the local store. And the price was right. This was in spite of my encouraging him to consider the iPad(where I could provide tech help) and even the Kindle (sorry). Lesson? Niche products are targeted towards specific customers that have specific values. And the Nook tablet wins with these folks. And that's OK.
I know you're being sarcastic, but in the case of how Apple created navigation and interface protocols, they weren't obvious or even on Samsung's radar before the iPhone. Perhaps one can create a software methodology that---in effect, provides the same user experience. And in that sense, have a work-around? Patent law is like a chess game, or in Patent Speak: "Claims is the name of the game".
...Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...   Still, it's frustrating to see Apple purchase $7-8 Billion in products from Samsung. Samsung competes with their own customers...it will come back and haunt them. 
I'm exploring a similar route. We're an all iMac family, 2-iPhones & 1-android, 1-iPad, 1-airport extreme & express on ATT...$170-$200/mo. The above includes 3 data plans: ($45/mo) that we don't want or need since our home is all WiFi and when we travel, WiFi is readily available. Our renewal for both iPhones is coming up next month and I'm trying to find a quality non-data phone and then use the iPhones like an iTouch. Amazingly, not much choice for non-data phones that...
  WRONG! There will be an Apple TV and it will be less than $100,000!!
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