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Then Jambo is lying.
Sounds lame to me. People are getting restless. Does this place have "well-placed" sources, or not? If the quality is bad, why not take what you can see of them, and do an artist's rendition of them, have a member here mock one up.
Interesting post hmurch! I believe too that Apple is far too criticized, and without cause. Apple's sales are only increasing. It's great to see the Mac outselling the iPod, even if it is by about 15,000 units...it just says something. People are willing to pay $300 or $400 for an iPod but also $850 to $3000 on a Mac. That's great news because it shows that the Mac still has tremendous value. It depends on what your priorities are. If you are a computer user that has...
1. What i meant by "Apple has not stagnated' is that they have been innovating. 2. Think Secret is probably wrong on these specs, why? It was pretty early for them to come out of nowhere with those claims. 3. The alleged specs should not be called anemic, look at what higher ed asks for a college student to have as a minimum. Penn State says the bare minimum Mac should have 128 MB RAM, a 350 MHz G3 processor or above, a 10 GB HD, and Mac OS X. 4. We do not know...
Apple has done everything BUT stagnate over the past 3-4 years, christ man.
Have you people also considered the possibility that there could be a surprise introduction of a mini tower, along with the prosumerish iMac?
You guys seem to be the ones in need of the computer upgrade, not me.
Mine was a joke. AppleInsider claimed in a news article that they had obtained sketches from a reliable source. I made my own sketches. There's a big difference.
I don't even know anymore. Wait, to show that the Mac is not a downtrodden and dead-end platform.
My point was that more people bought a Mac than have bought a GC. A Mac at the minimum cost is 800 dollars, a GC is 100 dollars. Again, even though the Gameboy has outsold the Mac, look at the unit price of each.
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