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In other words, no-one has a clue what's coming up.
One way of load balancing around the world is to resolve DNS differently depending on where the user comes from. So, a user in the UK looks up example.com and gets one IP address, while a user in Australia looks up example.com and gets a different address. I get their servers in Europe, s/he gets them in Oz. So, it's possible to see how Google DNS can break this - if they return the same address to everyone. But the article is as badly written as most of the replies, so...
Yours needs a new keyboard, it keeps inserting apostrophes where they don't belong.
Must admit, I love Gruber's tech writing, even when I don't agree with him.But his Twitter feed is an unfollowable bag o' shite about rounders and some weird nonce version of Rugby League that seems to require the soft players to be padded up.
Ha! Nice one.
1/10 Need to do better.
How, exactly, are people determining what's a fair price when they don't know what it is, what it does, or even if it will exist?
Four is enough for a desktop machine, surely?
What's the problem with the current design?
Obviously there will be something that powerful one day, but not until heat/power comes down. A year away, perhaps?
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