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I know. Hence the reference to 'Assisted GPS'.
It's a pretty significant update if you're still on the original model iPhone, isn't it?
It's usually quicker - my iPhone gets its location way quicker than my Garmin in-car SatNav. Admittedly, that's in part due to my SatNav being off when I get in the car, but the phone will have already been on for a while!
Zero emissions? Oh yeah? How does that work, then?
Apple used to do that. I'm going to struggle to remember the models, but one had two bays. You could put in two batteries, or one battery and a floppy drive. (540c?) A later model had a battery bay and one that could be CD or floppy. But the removable bays mean things have to be a lot larger for the extra mechanisms, and also affect the stiffness of the case. Personally, I'm happy for the battery to be fixed.
Obviously I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd happily give up an internal optical drive in return for one or more of the following: Bigger battery Lighter weight 2nd hard drive option Faye Runaway
Her Majesty drives a Range Rover. If she's in a Roller, someone else is driving!
One of the things that makes iPhone a better GPS locator than my Sat Nav is that it uses /assisted/ GPS. That wouldn't work as well in an iPod touch though, of course.
Thanks for that.
The ridiculous level of spam on here, including some pretty unpleasant stuff, means that this domain will soon get blocked by Websense and others. Unless the owners of this forum put in proper spam filters (it ain't that difficult, eh?), this place will be inaccessible to many people in schools, colleges, the workplace, libraries, .... DO SOMETHING.
New Posts  All Forums: