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C'est le spam. This forum's spam filtering doesn't seem to work very well :-(
MMS /and/ delivery notifications for SMS please! Actually, I can live without mms, but hacking the latter is a right pain.
It's a bizarre decision IMO. OK, you can choose a proper keyboard on BTO, but if you buy in an Apple Retail Store then you'll get the nobbled keyboard. Bizarre.
Good God, how desperate IS this site for a 'story'?!
As does taking the '57 varieties' comment literally!
In my experience, anyone hysterical enough to use terms like 'fanboys' can safely be ignored.
It also needs some basic functionality that a 'free' Nokia can do, like SMS delivery notifications (*), MMS, Bluetooth transfer of images, etc. And all this is doable without new h/w, surely? * I know you can 'fake it' with codes at the start of your message, but this isn't satisfactory from a UI point-of-view.
It's fairly unlikely that iTunes will get Dr Who in HD, given that the BBC makes it in SD.
Death of OS X - no-one has any reason to write Mac-specific software any more.
AppleTV on Atom - possibly. Mac mini on Atom - don't be daft!
New Posts  All Forums: