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It's only an Atom though! Pretty useless for running iMovie/iPhoto etc, I'd suggest.
Wot no MIDI?! Even my old Atari ST had MIDI. Get with the programme Apple. No wonder they're going down the tubes.
Is the picture in the AI article from the Press Release? (Edit - to answer my own question: It appears not - so we're still open to casing changes)
I agree with the first sentence, I think. However, dongles tend to stay attached, and I'd rather have those at the back. The front ports are for more transient connections like cameras etc.
Slanted F keys? I'm not American either, but my English is fine, thanks. :-)
BBC etc are free-to-air.
I agree with the general point you're making, but Sky+ absolutely whips the arse of any Freeview-based DVR I've seen. I have both, but only use the Freeview one when the Sky+HD box is already busy recording two things.
Is this also available in English?
Yes, the right way and the wrong way.
Yes. .
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