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So, if 'number of models' is an important criterion, you'll be buying a Windows PC rather than a Mac, I presume?
Blimey, have you not learned from the terrible round mouse that came with the original iMacs?
Do you think that might be something to do with it containing a load more hardware?
I'd rather have DAB. FM is an anachronism.
OK, I'll take a nibble on this one: In what way would this be a TRANSITION?
OK, I'll bite: What does that actually MEAN?
Is that an advert?
I'm glad you clarified things by saying "trolling" rather than "trawling". WTF is iTouch?
"whether it is better to buy now or later" But hundreds of people ask that question, and the correct answer is nearly always the same. If you need (or really want) it now, buy it now. Otherwise, wait. I'm all for deletion of such questions. What I want to know is why the site admins haven't put better spam protection in place, this forum doesn't really need loads of adverts about trainers. (Edit: Oops, just noticed that we're in "Future Hardware", and therefore this...
Surely iPhone 2.0 is software?!
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