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Wouldn't Apple have to deal in the real world? You know, like actually fitting in components, etc?!
"I'm 100% sure a new MacBook Pro will arrive this year." No shit, Sherlock.
Air's what?
Aarrrgghhhh! Same answer as every other bloody time this sort of question is asked. If you need or want it now, buy it now. If you don't, then wait.
Given that it's Duffy, any new products will presumably be bland and over-rateed.
That was hard work, getting an answer. Those are mostly about tweaks rather than re-design. And they still don't answer my original point, which was that "being 5 years old" isn't a reason for change. I see that wasn't in your list, for example.
Good grief, are you a politician?! I'll ask this in as simple terms as I can: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CURRENT DESIGN? If you don't know that, then changing it won't necessarily be a change for the better, will it? What's the point of changing it if you don't make it better?
Turn it around? Because you can't answer the question? Who said the iPod or anything else shouldn't change? I'm countering the argument that it must change because it's five years old. That's wrong. It can/should/will change when there's something better available. That might or might not be now. What's wrong with the current design?
No. And all those words and you still didn't answer the question. What's wrong with the current design, and what needs changing?
New Posts  All Forums: