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What's wrong with the current industrial design? There's no point in change for the sake of it, and there's nothing wrong (IMO) with the current design. If they DO come up with something better then great. But "being 5 years old" is not reason for change.
RAID isn't just about speed, it's also about resiliance. A general reminder: When looking at non-Apple solutions, bear in mind the need for directory hard links - a disk attached to a Leopard OS X server or to Time Capsule will be OK, but other solutions probably won't.
Do you not understand that compromises have to be made to make it thin? A removable battery would add several mm, which, percentage-wise, is huge.
Are we still talking about TimeMachine? It uses directory hardlinks, which this setup wouldn't provide.
No it's not, but in my case I want to back up two or three Macs, so I need either Leopard Server, or something like the Time Capsule. The 'wired' alternative is to plug it into each machine in turn, which isn't practical.
If it's not relevant, why was it in the original poster's .sig? It was clearly nonsense, as pointed out by John5481. Blame the original poster.
No. (This board doesn't accept the answer "No", unless I add something superfluous, like this)
Apple can't win with some people! They'll introduce some great products, yet some people will still be disappointed because they're not getting everything on that wet dream made-up list.
What reputable outfit goes around doing business this way?
After they've collected everyone's email addresses, they suddenly find they don't have the rights to broadcast it. But, in the meantime, they've got a nice database of keen Mac user email addresses for free.
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