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I smell a scam.
I think your question hints at the problem. You want ATSC/QAM, which (and I had to look up what they are!) are hardly world-wide standards. There are a whole bunch of standards for TV, both SD and HD, both digital and analogue. Building in a country-specific option is often not cost-effective, so it's better left to third-parties to provide external options. Obviously, the US is a big market, but Apple's margins depend, in part, on keeping consistent product lines...
Japan != The World.
Yeah, I used to love Deputy Dawg too.
Of course it's not selling - it's way under-spec. There are LOADS of 3G devices to choose from, and many have GPS. Neither are in the iPhone. And it can't work as a modem for by MacBook Pro, so I have to keep a data contract on my 3G laptop gadget, and couldn't afford a 2nd data contract. And, O2 are a bag o' shite. I don't understand the bleating about price though, it's only 70quid more than a same-capacity iPod touch.
Which is something you'd do maybe three or four times in the machine's life, so it's not really relevant. And. indeed, I didn't lift mine to do it anyway, i just got down on the floor.
Why is weight such a big issue for a tower machine that you're going to put under your desk and leave alone?
Do you mean "could NOT care less"? Otherwise it doesn't make sense. Forgive me if I'm going off topic, but what's the deal with the US version of that phrase missing out the word 'not'? Surely that reverses the meaning?
What rumours?
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