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UPDATE:   Remedies attempted:   1. Restart 2. Disabling Gatekeeper 3. Creating a new standard user and trying to add the apps to the login items window 4. Same as #3 but with a new administrator user
Under Lion, I had added Dropbox and the Activity Monitor to the Login Items section of the Users and Groups control panel.  After upgrading to Mountain Lion, these were removed, and I cannot add them back via the + button, via dragging and dropping or via the dock-->options-->Open at Login.   The problem is on my Macbook Air 11inch late 2010.  It IS NOT a problem on my mid 2011 Mac Mini running Mountain Lion.   Anyone having similar problems or thoughts on how to...
I have it installed on a Macbook Air 11inch late 2010 and a Mac Mini Mid 2011.  Going to try it today with a Macbook 5,1 (late 2008).  On the first two machines, I have not encountered any weird behavior except for the fact that on the Macbook, it will apparently not obey the command to open certain programs or folders at login.  I am troubleshooting and searching the interwebs without much success.  There must be something specific and weird to my configuration or the...
Oh, I see. Under system preferences, look at the preference pane entitled "startup disk". I think (don't know for sure) that the disk from which you are booting, will appear furthest most to the left.
Ah yes... reminds me of my days in residency... you'll survive, just don't try to drive anywhere!
The name of the hard drive should be listed as well when you option-restart. At least that is what i seem to recall when I did it.
when you hold down the option key during restart or startup, the mac should give you a graphical list of all the bootable OS X installs that it can detect on internal drives or on attached drives or optical drives.
I followed the video on Otherworld Computing's website in order to get to the empty hard drive bay. Once fully disassembled, this is was it looked like: You can see the SSD inside the MacMini with the logic board completely removed (having taken the thing totally apart now, I cannot see how you would get to the second hard drive bay without removing the logic board and the power supply). Total time was about half an hour. I would recommend watching that video several...
Used the ifixit kit and a OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD in my Mac Mini. Ended up doing a clean install of Lion and then using migration assistant to move over the applications and user info from the 750GB 7200 RPM HD. Boot time is "Holy s**t" fast as is application opening time and general snappiness of the UI. I love using the old HD as an internal data drive for iTunes and Aperture. Very very happy with the upgrade,
Thanks! Will give this a try.
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