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Appreciate the reply. The SATA cable is, as you pointed out, a relatively easy piece to get, as are the grommets and screws to allow one to mount a second hard drive inside the Mac Mini. Ifixit even has a kit that bundles everything together. My question pertains specifically to migrating just the operating system. The new SSD is going to be much smaller, so I cannot clone the entire HD over. I've never had to restore an operating system from a backup or migrate an...
Hello all, I recently purchased a Mac Mini and immediately replaced the internal 5400RPM drive with a faster and bigger 7200 RPM drive. That install was so easy to do, that I am now going to install a second hard drive, probably a 120GB SSD in the extra bay. So my question is on how best to go about transferring my current install of OS X Lion from the 7200 RPM HD to the new SSD. I would like the applications, the OS, and ultimately a bootcamp install to reside on the...
Didn't mean to offend your European sensibilities.
Damn, man! Why can't I keep my big mouth shut?!
... so?
I see... so you can demonstrate that "Fair Use" has been tested and upheld through case law as it applies to circumvention of encryption on DVDs? I'm sure the authors of the DMCA, as well as a bunch of lawyers at the EFF would love to have that information. At best, we can say that the backup of DVDs you have bought is a gray area right now. Both sides are afraid to have it tested in court because both sides are afraid they will lose. That being said, I support the idea...
Maybe consider San Diego as well? It ought to be within 3 hours of LA if you time the trip correctly, no? Find a way to claim residency and most of your income in AZ or TX so you don't have to contribute t the fiscal disaster which is the CA government.
There are several methods, but to discuss the details within these forums would be against policy. Might I suggest a Google search with the terms "handbrake" and "DVD"?
yeah, his speed falls quickly with distance from the tower. And, he pays for it with a miserable battery life when compared to my 3GS. I can't complain about AT&T service within the Beltway. I've either lived in, or visited 9 US cities in the past 4 years and with the exceptions of San Francisco and Manhattan, I've not had consistent problems anywhere. Unless Verizon introduces some very compelling pricing, I plan on staying put.
Agreed. AT&T has been very serviceable for me in Houston. But I occasionally do envy the 4G speed on my Brother-in-law's EVO.
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