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The most frightening thing about this whole pass idea is that it is a way for the music companies to force the purchase of songs that you may not want. Right now, the "Mode" pass includes the above mentioned album. All the songs that are part of that album are greyed out as "pass-only". I will bypass the buy-pass option in lieu of bands and distributors that don't feel that the only way they can sell music is to force an all-or-none approach upon me.
Gene Muenster = Rolo!
If you've made any adjustments to the photo (e.g. red eye, exposure, contrast), iPhoto creates a new version of the photo so that you may always revert to the original. If you make no adjustments, no duplication occurs.
The nation's midsection is in the grips of yet another cold snap. To me, seems a good day to stay inside and drink hot coffee while breaking in a new pair of M-Audio desktop monitors. Stay warm everyone!
Consider the new Battlestar Galactica Series by Ronald Moore on the SciFi channel. Its a little slow to get started with, but the characters are compelling and well acted. The show was always envisioned as a 4 season arc, so the story keeps moving towards a conclusion that is still not obvious (now with only half of the fourth season to go). The feeling of the show is dark and brooding. And its available from iTunes in HD!
OSXI could be pronounced "Oh Sexi"!
If it was a generic windows box with off-the-shelf hardware that I could easily get into with two or three screws and be done with it in fifteen minutes, I would have done. My time is worth more.
Even if they do announce something new, it is unlikely that they will announce anything other than very incremental upgrades to the Macbook line. They are so new that it is virtually certain that there will not be any chassis updates. If anything, you might get a speed bump. So the answer is that if you need the computer now, get it now. If you can wait until Macworld is over, wait until Macworld is over.
I've had good luck using Perian to open the MKV files in Quicktime pro and then exporting them to whichever file format I want. It has presets for iPhone, iPod and AppleTV. I am not sure about how much space is actually saved by converting from MKV in this process. If you already have Quicktime Pro, it would be an easy experiment to try, as Perian is free.
It's a gamble either way. I recently had to take in my two and a half year old iMac because its video card failed. Obviously it was out of warranty. I did not have Applecare for it. I ended up paying almost $400 for parts and labor. Applecare for the iMac would have been $179, I think. When I bought my Macbook Air, I purchased Applecare for it, but I am still within warranty coverage for it. If I never have to make use of the Applecare coverage, I am out about $300...
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