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No Netflix on legacy AppleTV wouldn't suprise me if they weren't allowed to implement this because the studios want absolutely no risk of people hacking the legacy ATVs to record the streaming movies? Maybe a strech, but I wouldn't put it past those SOBs!
PS3 with medialink UPNP server from Nullriver.
If you're trying to make copies of the actual song files to the external hard drive then here's what should work. Select the playlist in the source pane, those song included in the playlist will be listed in the main pane. Select all the songs using whatever means you normally would. Finally, click and drag the songs out of the iTunes window into whichever folder your would like the files to be copied. That's it!
As a non-Christian/Jew/Muslim, I must laugh. You all worship the same God of Abraham!
We're getting a bit off-topic with regards to this thread, so I'll keep this brief. There are number of other forums where this debate has been exhausted ad-nauseum. I think that you and I are in agreement vis-a-vis the inferiority of decreased bit-rate iTunes offerings when compared to DVD, regardless of on what it is watched. Where we disagree is on the equivalence of the "lean-forward" experience (iPad, notebook, desktop monitor viewed at a close distance) to the...
I would say that paying for 1080p video on 27 inches and paying for high-bitrate, multi channel audio through stereo computer speakers, is throwing your money away. If you want home theater experience, invest the money into a home theater. Otherwise, accept the fact that computers are to HD video as Kia's are to motoring!
I guess part of what we pay Apple to do is come up with new designs, but for their "workstation" computer, I guess I don't see the need. What glaring deficiency is there in the case design of the MacPro? We can (and should) certainly debate about whether BluRay should be an option, whether they really are offering the best available graphics cards and so forth, but the case design seems darn-near perfect. Built-in obsolescence is a feature of consumer-level devices and...
PS3 is a slot loading drive. Shouldn't be a mechanical issue with the drive. Could be that the HDCP spec would require incorporating stuff into the computer or OS that slows it down or adds cost (speculation on my part). BluRay is beautiful on my 50 inch Pioneer with DefTech speakers, but i doubt that it would make difference on my 24 inch iMac with its mediocre built in speakers or on the 13 inch Macbook. iTunes grade content (or Handbrake'd DVDs) are okay for those.
Not defending them, but I would point out that all people had to do was run a network with WPA enabled in order to defeat the collection. I cant feel too much sympathy for people who leave their front door open and are then mad when someone walks in.
I vote "no" on yet another XMac thread!
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