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In retrospect, the Macbook Air may have been nothing more than a test bed of Apple's experimentation with the new chassis design that they are now using across all their aluminum notebooks. When it was first introduced, it was the ONLY notebook to have the unibody design and the integrated battery. Maybe it's served its purpose and is now ready for retirement?
Your motivation and mine are the same; my Macbook Air has been gathering dust since I bought my iPad on release day. Regarding Pages, I have used it to type several letters and have been pleased with the ability to do basic formatting, cut and paste and integrate graphics from the photo library. That being said, it is no substitute for Pages on the Mac with respect to advanced formatting. While most things can be done on Pages for iPad, the touch interface actually slows...
Not another XMac thread!
should work since it's using the 802.11 standard. It will be much slower as compared to newer routers, though.
There are number of apps that allow you to backup the contents of a Mac Notebook to a NAS. Two I've tried are SuperDuper ($28) and ChronoSync ($40). Both work well and have many features that Time Machine does not. Alternatively, you could try online backup. Carbonite ($55/year) seems to be a rather popular service, but there are others.
If you already have a copy of XP, use it!
Great example. Maybe they don't need to share screen-estate, but I hope that a future update brings us a expose-like ability to keep a couple of programs open and move between them.
Agree. Maybe ATT will finally enable tethering so that iPhone could serve as iPad's internet connection?
Having a web-browser and email client open at the same time (first one that came to mind). How about web-browser and Pandora? Or Pandora and the New York Times? I can easily live without this on my iPhone, but it would be tough to sell something as a netbook replacement if it can't allow you to do two things at once.
I cannot argue that the devices are not siblings. I find the timing of the releases, in retrospect, to be sheer brilliance. However, there is an awful lot of hate out there for this device, much of it coming from people who have not held or played with one. They criticize this device for what it does not have. But, just as its siblings have gone through adolescence, I can imagine that iPad will mature (and quickly). We still don't know what will come with iPhone OS...
New Posts  All Forums: