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I have been reading some interesting analysis that connects several points into a cogent argument that the announced iPad isn't "missing" anything, but is in fact exactly what Steve wanted to release as a 1.0 of the Tablet. Point 1: Tablet rumors have been around for years, even before release of iPhone 1.0. This suggests that consideration and development of such a device had also been going on for years. Point 2: iPhone required hardware at least an order of magnitude...
I usually DESPISE lol cats (or cats of any kind), but this struck me as being pertinent and funny.
Yeah, that's me... I r TeH 1337 haXXor!!!
Yes, I think so. I don't see the need for the 3G as my Macbook Air certainly doesn't have it. I'm not putting the Air on Ebay just yet. I'll have to see if iPad really can function as a netbook replacement (I'm concerned about the lack of multitasking).
So what is to become of the Kindle app for iPhone? Based on what was said during the iPad introduction, it should work on iPad. But seeing as it might "duplicate functionality" now that iBooks will be available, one could see Apple disallowing the Kindle app on the iPad. Could Steve be working on a behind the scenes deal to allow Kindle books to be read in the iBook app?
I cannot speak to the Canon because I've no proper experience with it. All my point-and-shoot cameras have been Canon, however, and I've loved every last one of them. The E420 is nicely reviewed at Dpreviews.com. Here is a direct quote from their conclusions:Let's have a look at the cons then. Unfortunately the first thing that springs to mind here is image quality. The E-420 appears to use a stronger anti-alias filter than its predecessor, and while this results in...
Maybe (probably?) he's full of s***, but who cares? This is fun!
He's an successful entrepreneur, pundit, self-promoter and a very entertaining loudmouth from Brooklyn.Wikipedia entry
Wouldn't surprise me, Calicanis is a shameless self-promoter. But so long as we're going with the "temporary insanity" theme... why not?
Jason Calicanis (http://twitter.com/Jason) has apparently been testing the tablet for the past two weeks. Not much detail because of the NDA, but he loves it!
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