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Jason Calicanis (http://twitter.com/Jason) has apparently been testing the tablet for the past two weeks. Not much details because of the NDA, but he loves it!
First three are indeed single shot pseudo-HDR done with Photomatix Plug in ($79) for Aperture, taken with a kit lens (Zuiko 14-42 f/3.5-5.6 $249 MSRP). First B&W was with another kit lens (Zuiko 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 $279 MSRP). Second B&W with Zuikos 14-54 f/2.8-3.5 ($599 MSRP), processed through Aperture's monochrome red filter. Last one with the 14-42mm kit lens at 14mm at f3.5, ISO 200 (managed to get some magic sunlight that day!). As you can see, my investment in...
Agree with above... can't believe I missed the no motor in the body thing. AVOID!
D40 is an older model released in 2006. DPReviews has a nice review on it. Before I go further, I will give the disclaimer that asking what camera to buy is like asking what car to buy. You would really benefit from going to a properly stocked photography store and laying hands on each that you're considering and finding what feels right to you. As such, everything I write below is solely my opinion as a highly interested amateur photographer. 6MP is a little low...
Well okay, because you asked nicely! 24" iMac 9,1. M-Audio AV-40 speakers, Sony External DVD+-R, OWC FW800 drive (behind the mac are a 4 bay Drobo and 1GB Lacie FW800 Drive).
Okay, I get the iPhone4.0 and Tablet going together. But I still don't see the iLife thing.
soooooooo, we're all holding our breaths for a touch version of iLife to be run on the new iPhone software and the new device? Maybe it'll be melt-my-brain fantastic, but this doesn't sound like it.
So what is the link between the new device, iLife and iPhone OS 4? Would Apple do a special event like this to launch three disparate products? Doesn't seem very elegant to me. They should probably all tie together somehow.
I've been told on numerous occasions that "Better is the enemy of good" (BITEOG). I know that such aphorisms are common: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", "All you gotta do to win is score more points than the other guy". Stupid pithy sayings that put a cliche veneer on what could be fundamental truths. BITEOG means that if something is working good enough, why mess with it in an attempt to make it better. A very little background about myself: I'm 31. I'm an...
The secret sauce might be to change the paradigm of mobile computing. In example, I offer the following rhetorical questions. Does one require a five (or even three) pound notebook in order to read and send emails? Does one require a keyboard to read a pdf? Does one require an optical drive to enjoy audio and visual content? I suspect that the guys at Apple have answered "no" to all of these, and even more, questions. "But the iPhone does all this!" you say. More or...
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