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Before I sold my iBook (same specs as yours) on eBay, I did install Leopard, and it worked just fine. I would max out the RAM though. As far as parts go, Otherworld Computing is my source of choice.
yes .
I hear Xplane is pretty good!
What if Apple is just interested in the licensing that Lala has already obtained? What if Apple then is able to bundle the streaming license with the license implicit when a song is bought? That way, when one purchases a song on iTunes, one simultaneously is purchasing the license to stream it.
Gee whiz, I get my oil changed for $24.95. They even throw in air for the tires and windshield wiper fluid! I think even BMW offers free maintenance on its cars now. What kind of car do you drive that your dealer charges $200 to swap out motor oil?Edit: did some google searching. Turns out there is a thread on this in Maseratilife website!
Considering that Apple will charge you nearly $100 just to open the machine, I see Applecare as a bargain.
I have very mixed feelings about this. Good to see Apple get a win (let's face it, we're all fanboys here). But, I am concerned about any piece of legal precedent which serves to strengthen the DMCA. This law was conceived and written by the movie and music industry, and is a horrific law. The people that conceived it are also behind the ACTA treaty which would give the intellectual property police the ability to terminate your internet access wih only the allegation...
Consider Handbrake. Also, doesn't Quicktime X handle this?
Hello all, I bought the original Macbook Air in about Feb of '08. Despite assurances that the battery would hold up, it's gotten to the point where the charge lasts noticeably shorter. Short enough, in fact, that I'm considering replacement. The iStatPro Dashboard widget lists 197 cycles with an overall battery health of 91%. This is despite the cycle number being reset at some point with one of the firmware upgrades along the way. I suspect the real cycle number is...
I guess I'll keep my Dell Mini 9 on Windows 7 then. It's funny. I bought that computer for $199 with Ubuntu. Installed the free Windows 7 Release Candidate and it works great. I needed a "real" Windows machine for a specific project. After it is over, I had intended to Hackintosh the mini9. Oh well, I guess. Hopefully this means that Apple has something in the works to occupy this niche in the tech ecology.
New Posts  All Forums: