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I wonder if there isn't a gestures-type functionality which would be released in some future software update. I hope so. Until then I'm sticking with my Logitech Revolutions mouse.
I'm not sure that I totally agree with the premise of the original post. Since 2004, when I bought my first Mac (an iBook with Tiger), my Windows skills have eroded significantly. With bootcamp and the virtualization solutions, I've managed to keep one foot in the Windows world, but I still can't do the magic with it that I once used to. Vista came and passed me by. When I installed the release candidate for Windows 7, I was stunned by how easily it went. After...
I think that it probably has to do with the fact that I have had a hard time thinking of it as anything other than a game system. Maybe I just desperately wanted the ATV to be the do it all box of my home theater. I still use it all the time for video in my iTunes library, but my PS3 is getting more and more use as I start to purchase more bluray titles. It has got me starting to explore the other features of the device. When I heard that Netflix was coming, it made me...
It's been said before on these forums that the purpose of the Macbook Air is not to be a fully featured and powered portable computer. It seems to be Apple's answer to the Mac user who requires a low-weight, second machine to supplement their full-powered desktop machine. In this role, my original Macbook Air (Feb '08, with the 1.6GHz processor and the 4200 RPM PATA drive) has performed admirably. For the future, perhaps Apple has only evolutionary changes in mind to...
You probably can't go wrong with either one. With netflix soon coming to PS3 and the built in BluRay, you could argue that the PS3 offers more value, especially at the new $299 price point.
An old thread, I know. Netflix streaming coming to PS3. I think that it's very disappointing that Apple has not been able to swing some kind of deal with Netflix to bring streaming video to the iTunes store or to the Apple TV. My PS3 is threatening to become a focal point of my home theater.
Looks much improved over the Mighty Mouse, but still not as fully featured as other mice. Hopefully they will add more functionality with software updates. My Logitech revolution has buttons on it that I can use to bring up Dashboard and Expose. Would like to see such features in this mouse before ditching the revolution.
Snow Leopard. Prior to that was iWork '09. Prior to that was the most recent MacHeist. It's funny actually... I am purchasing a ton of stuff on and for my iPhone, but as you put it, seem to be at a stage of software nirvana with my Mac. I need some kind of pixel editor... photomatix maybe?
I'm pretty sure that Apple will have some twist on the Tablet that none of us are expecting. Or maybe it's all smoke and mirrors deception for a product totally out of left field.
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