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Something along the same lines that makes me upset is that you can't stream iTMS songs over the Rendezvous sharing built into iTunes unless the other copy of iTunes has your username and password too... what's the point of having it then? I am not going to give some stranger my account info! It kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? In the iTMS Europe QT video, SJ makes a big scene of having another guy walk onto stage with a HP laptop and being able to stream music. ...
Agreed... if it forces everything to go through ATRAC then it probably will not succeed. Even iTunes allows MP3 and WMA to MP3 conversion. Still, those guys at Sony are geniuses at making things small. Perhaps the phrasing "iPod Killer" was a bit melodramatic, but I DO take notice that the guys who made the original walkman and now make all those tiny camcorders have set their bullseye right on the iPod. But that's what happens when you are on top: everyone else tries...
Sony has also announced a "iPod Killer." I can shrug off Dell's attempt because their bread and butter is PC's, not peripherals. But Sony on the other hand does have a history of innovation and top notch "gadgetry." From the original walkman to their latest discmans, Sony portable devices have a solid history and reputation. While no one may trade in an iPod for a Dell, I think there are many out there who would buy a Sony over an Apple, especially if Sony can undercut...
check out the boblbee (not a typo) line of products. The US store's website is at: www.lvboblbee.com
Fantastic observational skills! Has SJ made a habit in the past of slipping easter eggs into his presentations?
does anyone know if there is a way to use a WiFi enabled pocket pc to remotely control iTunes over a 802.11b/g network? If Apple isn't going to release its own PDA/remote thingy, wouldn't enabling current PDA's to do this kind of job be the next best thing? Apple has shown with iTunes that it can do a better Windows app than Microsoft can!
New Posts  All Forums: