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And if we do what the media companies want, we'd be purchasing separate versions of media for consumption on our home computer, mobile computer, iPod, iPhone, Television and so forth. While I might agree that purchasing a physical book does not entitle me to a digital copy, I do believe that once I have a digital copy, I ought to be able to use it on any digital device that I own.
iTunes consists of three distinct parts: 1. An online store where one can purchase media. All music on this store is now DRM free and may be played on a large variety of media devices. 2. A "jukebox" app for managing media from a variety of sources, only one of which is the online music store. 3. A synchronization app for Apple media devices. I would argue that parts 1 and 2 are open to anyone on the Mac or Windows platform. It is only the third part which is...
It's free. Instructions here.
Well, startup cost is considerable. You need to spend money on the Drobo itself even before you start to stock it with drives. It can take 5-10 seconds to spool up if the drives have gone to sleep. Other than those two things, I cannot thing of a single problem that I've had with it. My config is a Drobo with two 1TB Western Digital Caviar Greens and two 640GB Western Digital Caviar Greens. It is connected to an iMac via FW800. The iMac is running iTunes 9.0.1 and OS...
I am a big fan of Drobo and use one for exactly this purpose.
I would think that anyone is free to take the non-DRMd files out of iTunes and use whatever jukebox they want to load them onto whatever device they want. One can use the iTunes store without using iTunes to manage their music!
so my car's head unit has an iPod interface that allows me to browse my iPhone via the head unit's touchscreen. Browseable categories are "playlists" "artists" "songs" and one more that I never use. Has anyone been able to figure out how to get a Smart Playlist to hold the content of one of the Genius mixes?
So I've been in multiple Starbucks across the country and while iTunes seems to recognize that I am in a Starbucks and displays the banner across the top of the iTunes store, I have never actually seen displayed what song is playing on the overhead speakers. When Apple announced this deal with Starbucks, I thought this was going to be one of the "features". Has anyone actually seen this work?
Thanks for the info... I just placed my order!
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