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I make the 90 minute drive from Milwaukee to Chicago once a week. With my iPhone 3GS charging via the dock connector, pandora streaming over 3G, and the occasional phone call, my iPhone got warm, but not uncomfortably so... all this while sitting in direct sunlight coming through the sunroof.
I do use my iDisk for all my documents. It allows me to work on the same set of documents whether I am using my iMac or my Macbook Air. Anything sensitive is kept in encrypted disk images. Works nice, and since the documents are synced with a couple of computers in addition to being up there in Apple's cloud, I always have multiple copies in case something goes wrong. As long as you are paying for the mobile me service, you might as well use it.
Yes and no... anything bought through iTunes or specifically encoded for any iPod should playback fine on AppleTV. iTunes, essentially using Quicktime to playback media, is capable of playing back more formats than AppleTV. Confusing? A little bit. Follow the link in the immediately previous post for the official specs. And consider using a free utility like Handbrake to convert non-compatible video.
if you want to use the device to make phone calls, there is only one choice, right? If you don't plan to use the device to make calls, why buy a two year old device?
consider Zagg's Invisible shield. I've used it on my iPod touch for close to a year now and it is still pristine!
I've read about some of this stuff too. Scary! Still, I can't think of any other way to get a good feel for what a used computer might be worth.
I would check on ebay to see what similarly spec'd machines have sold for and then adjust your target price up or down accordingly. Nice thing with selling you Mac on eBay is that its value keeps getting pushed up and up with the more people that want to buy it. In this way, you may be able to get more for it than just placing a listing into a classified-type ad such as Craigslist.
That sounds pretty lousy. Hopefully the Applecare guys can do something for you in that regard. Which generation of the Air do you have? Mine is one of the originals, I bought it one week after it was announced. From what I can tell, there have been multiple updates to EFI as well as SMC. I honestly can't recall which I've installed. I'm pretty sure that the operating system told me when I needed to update.
Mine doesn't even charge to 100%, according to the istat nano widget. But to get to around 90% takes maybe a couple hours. Subjectively, it seems that the last few percentage points takes the longest. Probably something to do with the lithium polymer battery... is it true that if I bought Applecare, they will replace my battery for free?
But then how is this different to any of the other pre-release options that have been available for sometime on iTunes? Apple gave up something to get DRM free tracks. One thing is the variable pricing structure. I have a hard time believing that ala-carte purchasing of music was not discussed as part of the negotiations.
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