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Remember when MySpace let users choose their own custom page designs.( Shudders )
it looks awful.
not to mention obama.many people I know prefer a physical keyboard to a touchscreen. Blackberry need to realise that is what differentiates them and embrace it.
I don't understand why American based news companies ( and all Americans in general) don't support Apple. Why are they wishing to see their own fail, and support foreign businesses as preferable ?
this may be true of past and maybe current technology, but when you consider the size of an eagle or any bird of prey's eye and the precision and performance there, it seems smaller may prove better in future.
Amazing how much technology they can fit into a strip of rubber matting.
Hey Apple, ask Samsung for that money they owe you whilst they're throwing it around, ( and whilst they still have some).
I am really frustrated by all this talk about a watch. I don't know about how it works or what it is or how much it will cost. I don't know anyone who has got one or whether they would like it even if they did. I just don't know how many it will sell or even if they will sell. I am baffled every time it is mentioned. Am am happy to record my ignorance of something that has not been released into the public domain, and at no time feel I am wasting my time. Another thing. I...
You are being very rude.The Americans have had a long and cherished history.It's just that the current lot killed them all before they got a chance to tell them about it.Ba Dum Tiss.But anyway, enough of this teasing. A bit of cultural understanding is in order.Of course that Barn is culturally historic. Maybe even more than we know.If Barns could talk . . .What founding fathers of American independence might have helped pour the concrete slab base, their bare footprints...
My original post has been taken as insulting. My apologies. Your denegration of all Europeans is entirely justified. It is a wonderful shed that displays your fine heritage. A shed to swell the chest of all Americans with pride and hope for a better, brighter tomorrow. God bless this shed.
New Posts  All Forums: