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Yeah! Listen to the crowd jeer with derision as Apple skates right past the puck . . . to where the puck will be !
Sometimes we all have to realise that we are getting old and the conventions that we cling to also become antiquated.We have to realise and admit that some things are being designed for the school leavers and workers that will replace us.
Just change the dollar sign to a pound sign. That's usually how it seem to work.
He was the archetypal bad guy. Dressed in black, he built his evil walled garden to stop free exchange of music and movie files and made things that some people couldn't afford.And whilst he was building his money making empire, he sometimes acted 'bossy' and rude to people.Hope this helps.
  The hatred that is leveled at Steve Jobs is playground level - mob mentallity bullying. It is incredibly sad that the media seems to stoke and continue the currently fashionable but totally undeserved character assassination of a great man. Steve had everything he worked for taken from him by cancer, but this is not punishment enough for his supposed 'crimes'. The crimes being his 'difficult personal life' and his business oriented driving ambition and focus.
Did anyone else watch the  presentation when the doctor explained how they could monitor a pregnant womans heartbeat as well as the unborn childs heartbeat, in realtime, as well as monitor her contractions ? And nobody in the media has mentioned this .
Remember when MySpace let users choose their own custom page designs.( Shudders )
it looks awful.
not to mention obama.many people I know prefer a physical keyboard to a touchscreen. Blackberry need to realise that is what differentiates them and embrace it.
I don't understand why American based news companies ( and all Americans in general) don't support Apple. Why are they wishing to see their own fail, and support foreign businesses as preferable ?
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