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      Its true.   http://www.theverge.com/2012/8/31/3281960/windows-rt-office-2013-rt-specs-details-hands-on   go to 2.20 in the video ;)
Colored streaks, curtains ?Perhaps they are colored CARDS !Tim Cook will introduce Scott Forstall to talk about Cards - AGAIN !
Mostly they attack Apple. Sometimes they attack Steve Jobs and his legacy. Now they attack AI forum and its moderators. Yawn . . .
Oh, and now I'm just shooting hoops with you guys here, not a prediction or nothing, just daydreaming . . .   I saw this video for an Omega watch.     Ceramics and Liquidmetal, materials close to Apple's heart. Can you imagine an iPhone case made using this process, with Jony Ive's design ?     aaahh . . . (amoradala drifts off into sweet Apple dream. . . ;) ) 
Ref: The speaker holes.   It reminds me of this.       The fake was 'leaked' before the announcement. Not a patch on the real thing for style, but - pretty close design wise.
When I see that cludge of holes either side of the dock . . . I just don't see the hand of Jony Ive. Is there another Apple product with holes like that ? Perhaps he was inspired by a shower radio . . . or a pepper pot. Strange 'leak' this one.
Still not convinced that this is real.   I don't think AI has reported that the originator of these leaked parts iLabFactory also received the CAD data blueprints.       Leaked parts is one thing - but leaked blueprints ?   However, someone who had blueprints AND access to a 3d printer / machine fabrication tools, could easily mock parts using this data.
yeah. He should donate some of that to Dan Riccio.
Apple's wondering what to do with their $billions. . .   How much  to build a chip manufacturing plant  ?
Quite right. There is NO natural justice. There is however law enforced justice - Which Samsung shall learn from America (if nowhere else).   It's funny, before the verdict, I was criticising the jury system, and imagining 'ordinary' people would not understand the complexities of the case. After two days of reading forum and news website posts, it seems they were an oasis of rational and right thinking, in a desert of stupidity and ignorance.   Did anyone catch...
New Posts  All Forums: