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I have a bad feeling about this. Scott was obviously a very strong willed, intelligent, ambitious guy. He knows ALOT about Apple, and now, may hold a grudge against Apple and its management.   He is now looking for a job . . .
It looks like the Google/ Samsung 'iPad killer' 10" tablet has been leaked. http://www.theverge.com/2012/10/26/3559518/nexus-10-leaked-photos If this is real - the folks at Apple will be howling with laughter at that POS ! Don't worry Samsung about all those lost orders from Apple for parts. You'll probably sell . . .hundreds of those nexus 10" beauties
Apple just don't understand business. They should follow Google's and Amazon's example. Reduce the price of the iPad mini by HALF, then they will then sell TWICE AS MANY ! Twice the labour, time and materials and for the same result* * no profit.
I wonder if/when Woz will turn up ? It would be interesting to know how Apple fans feel about him, in light of his latest comments.
      Its true.   http://www.theverge.com/2012/8/31/3281960/windows-rt-office-2013-rt-specs-details-hands-on   go to 2.20 in the video ;)
Colored streaks, curtains ?Perhaps they are colored CARDS !Tim Cook will introduce Scott Forstall to talk about Cards - AGAIN !
Mostly they attack Apple. Sometimes they attack Steve Jobs and his legacy. Now they attack AI forum and its moderators. Yawn . . .
Oh, and now I'm just shooting hoops with you guys here, not a prediction or nothing, just daydreaming . . .   I saw this video for an Omega watch.     Ceramics and Liquidmetal, materials close to Apple's heart. Can you imagine an iPhone case made using this process, with Jony Ive's design ?     aaahh . . . (amoradala drifts off into sweet Apple dream. . . ;) ) 
Ref: The speaker holes.   It reminds me of this.       The fake was 'leaked' before the announcement. Not a patch on the real thing for style, but - pretty close design wise.
When I see that cludge of holes either side of the dock . . . I just don't see the hand of Jony Ive. Is there another Apple product with holes like that ? Perhaps he was inspired by a shower radio . . . or a pepper pot. Strange 'leak' this one.
New Posts  All Forums: