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What did you find incorrect or offensive ?
Never had a single virus or malware - that you knew of (twiddles end of moustache).
I go into settings and turn off wifi before I hand mine over.
Better technology is always in the future, and still will be in eight years time.Learn to appreciate the "now" or you will never be happy.
Stamps foot ,crosses arms and flounces out of thread . . .
Here we go, after every Apple product review, troll fantasy land."I bought one and sent it back . . . Honest."We all believe you of course.
Must be awful for you, I know you're very sensitive.Have you got anything in your handbag to calm your nerves ?
But what they are doing is still not as bad as what Wall Street did during the housing bubble and government bailouts.  Those Wall Street FRAUDS make GT Advanced look like Saints.  Lets get off of our high horse.  I hate GT Advanced just as much as the next guy but this is getting a little too personal IMO.
Actually, I think they're doing rather well.Regarding the Ipad Air 2, how are you coping with the "mute switch fiasco" ?
It wasn't long ago you were saying this . . .I guess Tim Cook knew better than you after all.
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