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Shipment times decreasing, could be increased and streamlined production. But I suppose this could be construed as sales decreasing ! Quick trolls ! Now is your chance to remind us of why a larger IPhone will never sell !
Yes, the last one definately has a red hue. And it is so big I' m sure they can use the good bits for something.Mill a new pair of slippers for Tim perhaps ?
Wait a minute. Those 'pucks' in the top photos are each 575 pounds of pure Sapphire !!! ?
Surely the sapphire furnaces are still in the plant and the 700 staff are ready to work ? Bring in some people to run it (perhaps foreign ) that have an ethic to work hard and honour contracts and they are good to go.
The dual lens for depth idea is interesting. That means amongst other things you could adjust the clipping plane of an image in post. For instance, Professional photographers frequently have to mask out the outline of the forground image to adjust the background. This has to be done in photoshop by painstakingly outlining it with a pen tool or using the levels filter to make a silouhette that can be used as a mask. With depth information you can just 'push a background...
What I find incredible is, Steve Jobs was never secretive about why Apple was, and is succesful. He took time to explain the thinking behind Apple, the listening, the nurturing, the thought and care they gave developing each product. He very openly ( and generously ) gave all competing companies a roadmap to emulate Apples success. And they STILL don't get it do they. They still want to do it their way.
What did you find incorrect or offensive ?
Never had a single virus or malware - that you knew of (twiddles end of moustache).
I go into settings and turn off wifi before I hand mine over.
Better technology is always in the future, and still will be in eight years time.Learn to appreciate the "now" or you will never be happy.
New Posts  All Forums: