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Still not convinced that this is real.   I don't think AI has reported that the originator of these leaked parts iLabFactory also received the CAD data blueprints.       Leaked parts is one thing - but leaked blueprints ?   However, someone who had blueprints AND access to a 3d printer / machine fabrication tools, could easily mock parts using this data.
yeah. He should donate some of that to Dan Riccio.
Apple's wondering what to do with their $billions. . .   How much  to build a chip manufacturing plant  ?
Quite right. There is NO natural justice. There is however law enforced justice - Which Samsung shall learn from America (if nowhere else).   It's funny, before the verdict, I was criticising the jury system, and imagining 'ordinary' people would not understand the complexities of the case. After two days of reading forum and news website posts, it seems they were an oasis of rational and right thinking, in a desert of stupidity and ignorance.   Did anyone catch...
Hey - That looks great ! Is that real ? What a scoop !   WAIT A MINUTE . . . that's just photoshop wizardary isn't it.   That new iPad baby is just going to disappoint now !
Solipsism X, I can't understand your support for Samsung at this time.   Samsung do make other things - but those divisions of Samsung are not the issue here.   Whoever is sanctioning Samsung's terribly ill judged statements are either unaware of copyright and patent law. Or they seem to want to ally themselves NOT with business partners and clients, but with ignorant and loud mouthed 'Android fans' that think this is about Apple bullying companies for no good...
Yeah, I agree. I thought it was a good example of an obvious copy.   Still, it won't hurt Apple too much. . .they couldn't sell them anyway ;)
Samsung needs to get rid of whoever is sanctioning these incredibly bad business decisions, and replace them with honourable people who understand good business practice and ethics.   The way they have treated and spoken about Apple is shameful. Who can treat such an important partner and customer with such disregard and disrespect.   There should be a watershed at Samsung,a complete clear-out of the board. They need to start building bridges as an example...
They actually claim they were IMPROVING Apples technology !!   I'm . . . .almost speechless . . .
"It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rounded corners and rectangles."   What incredible arrogance and ignorance. A disgusting company !
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