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Apple ][ That must be him (or close enough) lets march to his house and sort him out. I'll light the torches.
I remember (from the book) that Steve Jobs could never find furniture that he really liked, so the house was sparcely furnished. I think I read that he had one designer coffee table in an otherwise empty living room. Might explain why the theft only amounted to $60.000. That probably WAS the coffee table.
Bill Gates and Gonorrhea in the same screenshot. Nice !
I was aiming at Samsung ! ;)
That's an interesting way of looking at it. Perhaps the law should be simplified to accommodate the jury.   The same logic could be applied to medicine. A heart surgery procedure could be carried out not by a specialist, but by a randomly chosen person. It is just a matter of making a complicated procedure less complicated for the average person.
  I'm speaking here of jury system in general. I think a "professional" jury made up of well educated, trained and specialized men and women. Sworn to impartiality and fairness. Trained in the language of law (a language that negates ambiguity and double meaning). A jury that understands scientific evidence and its implications. ( for DNA evidence etc), would make more intelligent decisions and allow the lawyers to argue and present cases at a much higher level.   And in...
Can you imagine if scientists judged their work but gut feeling and persuasion ?
I often wonder whether the current jury system is the best way to serve justice.   Take highly trained well educated lawyers, specialized in their field, to argue with each other, constantly breaking complex arguments into easy to understand soundbites,  so that the untrained, perhaps uneducated public jury, can make the final decision.   How can this jury (or any jury )decide on a complex case BUT to go by gut reaction and persuasion.
  It's not a negative feeling, far from it. I am remembering the ipad 2 'leaks' that came out, and the real iPad 2 looked so much better than any of the fake parts.   Apple designers are ahead of most wannabe designers with their 3d renders and machine shop fabrications. This design just lacks something.   I might be wrong of course, but I'm honestly not too worried about dissapointment, (I'm a grown man, I can take it) ;)
I think this is a rejected prototype part, purposefully leaked by Apple.   The REAL iPhone 5 will look better than this.
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