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Google's Nexus Q was entirely their own concept.Whatever happened to that ?
.Hey, give these trolls a break, they have to keep their post count up somehow, and Apple isn't doing much wrong at the moment.
Apple wait until they are ready to launch before announcing a product. Everyone else likes to announce that they are 'thinking' about developing a product. Some people walk it - some people talk it.
I honestly feel many tech websites are fearful of praising Apple. There is too much backlash from their core readers calling the journalists biased and 'in the pay of Apple'.I'm sure many people who liked hearing impartial and fair reviews, have just given up on those sites leaving only an anti-Apple majority.They now only write to entertain and pacify their readership.
I am going to enjoy all these trolls complaining that everything will be too small at that resolution. "When I type 5000k into windows controlPanel/screenResolution/screenSize it looks terrible. Apple must be mad etc etc" Hee hee
Gee, I hope they can make that money back somehow. No wonder AAPL is taking a hit today on THAT bombshell !
Not sure how that would stand up to the 'lumphammer test'. I'll stick with Yale for now I think
Today would be a good day for Apple to deny the "we got the 14 nanometer chip contract from Apple" rumour (that Samsung leaked) Come on Apple. Tread the dirt down !
I wonder how many of those 9 actually bent it whilst filming a sensationalist youtube video, before taking it back for a new one ?
The board of GTA Tech shrug their shoulders and say, "Well the 518 million dollars was a great help, but once the boards wages and bonus' were paid, there was just nothing left in the pot"
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