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Tim cook must be crying into his keyboard after this Digitimes report. What a terrible oversight - not to check whether the millions of parts he has just ordered can actually be made. You would have thought they might have tested these things first. How embarrasing. (Insert rolling eyes icons and sarcasm tags here)
Apple will, and Steve Jobs Would've been thrilled with the amount of interest these ad's have generated.   On a side note I can understand the frustrations of many posters here. . .   I dislike IKEA furniture I won't buy any !   I have decided to find an IKEA centric forum, and spend the rest of today getting more and more irate with strangers that are discussing IKEA items.   Hell, I'm young, what else am I to do with my time???
I think these ad's are excellent.   If I put myself in the shoes of the target audience. . .   I would like to get one of those apple computers I've heard so much about. I've heard they are very good, but don't know where to start. I know there is an Apple store by me.   Advert says. . .   All Apple stores are  full apple genius' that are eager to help you with friendship and good humour.   Not a bad message to put across really ! ;)
I'm pretty sure Jony Ive prototyped many different sizes, and the 7" version was sidelined by Steve Jobs for not being big enough. He said as much himself. So far the market has proved him correct, 7" tablet sales have been poor. Still if the rumors push the share price up . . . It will definately have a retina display, dual quad gpu, and a matte screen ( for serious work ) etc . . .
Can somebody please enlighten me.   With the x86 surface tablet, is the intention that you use a mouse, or to use x86 windows programs with a touchscreen?
I am suspicious that alot of the supporters of the mini ipad are also pro android in other threads. Could it be that if apple release a mini ipad they can . . . Say Apple is copying samsung, google, amazon etc and will bleat about it forevermore? Know that it will take away sales of the larger ipad? Be against steve jobs' advice and make him look untruthful or wrong, and thus reflect badly on him, Tim Cook and Apple?
I think it's more likely they drop the price of the ipad2 to $300. That would make the competition sweat.
I don't have a problem with the design of the samsung s3. In fact I think it is a beautiful, elegant almost feminine design that I'm sure appeals to most woman. It will of course appeal to certain men also.   Never underestimate the strength of the 'pink pound'. It is a huge market and a very smart move by Samsung.
  It's usually down to a higher power (the wife) ;)   Job well done sir. May you have a long and happy retirement.
One of the main 'selling points' was, "It allows your friends to control the music in your living room!" ???.
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