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Can you imagine if scientists judged their work but gut feeling and persuasion ?
I often wonder whether the current jury system is the best way to serve justice.   Take highly trained well educated lawyers, specialized in their field, to argue with each other, constantly breaking complex arguments into easy to understand soundbites,  so that the untrained, perhaps uneducated public jury, can make the final decision.   How can this jury (or any jury )decide on a complex case BUT to go by gut reaction and persuasion.
  It's not a negative feeling, far from it. I am remembering the ipad 2 'leaks' that came out, and the real iPad 2 looked so much better than any of the fake parts.   Apple designers are ahead of most wannabe designers with their 3d renders and machine shop fabrications. This design just lacks something.   I might be wrong of course, but I'm honestly not too worried about dissapointment, (I'm a grown man, I can take it) ;)
I think this is a rejected prototype part, purposefully leaked by Apple.   The REAL iPhone 5 will look better than this.
I was thinking a fair fine would be $100 to Apple for every infinging item Samsung sold. But now it hardly seems worth it !
Samesung will start saying - see how damaging these silly "copying" allegations have been. Apple should compensate us for all our lost sales !
From Forbes.   He’s (Forstall is) asked if he told anyone at Apple to copy from Samsung’s designs.   “I never directed anyone to go and copy something from Samsung. We wanted to build something great…There was no reason to look at anything they had done.”   Nice one Scott!
I hear you.Typing with hard nerveless fingertips on the left, and long awkward nails on the left. I turned the key click sound effects off - but I think I'm louder.Like the display on the smart case ( but I,d want a little cover to protect it).
Tim cook must be crying into his keyboard after this Digitimes report. What a terrible oversight - not to check whether the millions of parts he has just ordered can actually be made. You would have thought they might have tested these things first. How embarrasing. (Insert rolling eyes icons and sarcasm tags here)
Apple will, and Steve Jobs Would've been thrilled with the amount of interest these ad's have generated.   On a side note I can understand the frustrations of many posters here. . .   I dislike IKEA furniture I won't buy any !   I have decided to find an IKEA centric forum, and spend the rest of today getting more and more irate with strangers that are discussing IKEA items.   Hell, I'm young, what else am I to do with my time???
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