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I'm looking forward to more Benjamin Frost 'bend' jokes they will never get old. Hey Ben, I wonder - if Apple were to design a CAR . . . It might BEND ! Ha ha Brilliant ! Hey I got another one . . . If Apple release a 4k monitor watch out everyone !!! It might BEND ! This could go on and on. . . limitless hilarity for all ! Hooray for Ben - the Mr Saturday Night of AI ! /s
Why is there no incentive for these traders to drive the stock UP to make money ? Someone explain, what is the benefit for traders to keep a stock steady ?
Er, not sure who should get offended by Apple11's post.Who denies that the Salvation Army distributes second hand clothes ?Who denies homeless people take second hand clothes - and have been known to queue for free soup ?Ah, perhaps Samsung fans were offended by the suggestion that the gear watch is crap.Humourless bunch these samsung fans.
I am looking forward to this release, it will be a massive selling device. I know several people, real people - not Apple buffs or gadget freaks - that have said they will be buying this day one. One even said they want all three of the offered variants ! I took a look in a jewellers window at the various Tag Hauer's, Omega's - etc some of them are HUGE ugly things compared to the refined design of the AppleWatch, and all they do is keep time reasonably well. AppleWatch...
Ah, at last the realisation that we have been struggling to articulate.Let me rephrase it.You have to choose the size of iphone that suits your preferences. And look after it as usual.Excellent. Glad we got that sorted !
Have you ever used the digital crown ? NoDo you understand what I does or how it works ? NoDo you know what software they will release with it ? NoAre you grasping at straws to critisise a product you have no experience of using or understanding ?There is a little known African proverb that describes your approach to the AppleWatch, it's under all of your posts.
"Whinge" isn't just a spelling variant of "whine." "Whinge" and "whine" are actually entirely different words with separate histories. "Whine" traces to an Old English verb, "hwinan," which means "to make a humming or whirring sound." When "hwinan" became "whinen"in Middle English, it meant "to wail distressfully"; "whine" didn't acquire its "complain" sense until the 16th century. "Whinge," on the other hand, comes from a different Old English verb, "hwinsian," which...
I second that nomination. The' chicken little' approach to assessing a situationThis guy should perhaps, before posting this stuff, breathe into a paper bag or take a short walk or something.
I love the fact that alot of the more negative posts are comments on what sizes or products they don't want and why. Like Apple has given them a problem by giving them more choice. AI's covert Apple haters are really having to scrape the barrel as each manufactured 'problem' is solved or disproved.
I wonder if 'bendgate' will spread to other manufacturers ? Incredulous students driving new cars into walls, finding parts bend and break, and claiming design fault as the culprit. Hey I have just bought a MontBlanc pen and look how fragile it is . . . Etc etc zzzzzzz
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