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I think it's more likely they drop the price of the ipad2 to $300. That would make the competition sweat.
I don't have a problem with the design of the samsung s3. In fact I think it is a beautiful, elegant almost feminine design that I'm sure appeals to most woman. It will of course appeal to certain men also.   Never underestimate the strength of the 'pink pound'. It is a huge market and a very smart move by Samsung.
  It's usually down to a higher power (the wife) ;)   Job well done sir. May you have a long and happy retirement.
One of the main 'selling points' was, "It allows your friends to control the music in your living room!" ???.
This is another consideration.   There is a marked difference between software written for mouse interface gestures (click, drag,  right click etc ), and touchscreen gestures (pinch, rotate, swipe etc). Unless software has been specifically written for a touch interface it won't work on it. There is a very good reason why Apple's macbook series don't have touchscreens!   Microsoft is letting people believe that they can put a full OS 8 on a tablet and...
. . . Oh, excuse me, I seem to have stumbled into the wrong website. A galaxy s 3 phone advert ? I'll see myself out.
If this tablet compares with ipad 2 for speed and price, and ships with microsoft office. It might actually be interesting!
I thought yesterdays presentation was fantastic. The new macBook is the most impressive, most beautifully designed piece of hardware I have seen in a long time.   Let's hope that they announce the new redesigned macPro line up, the same time they announce the new 27" 4k retina display monitors :)
I was thinking the easiest way to activate siri, would be to SAY "siri".
Ibooks is probably my most used app too. There is something I would like to see added, that I miss from my old windows XP pdf reader. The ability to put the pages into a slow autoscroll. I'll find a scrolling speed that is comfortable, sit back with arms folded (or behind head) and read. It occurred to me that if the scrolling speed could be calculated against the length of the book, it should be able to tell you exactly how long it will take you to read it (or...
New Posts  All Forums: