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The phone market has matured, this has been evident from recent launches by different manufacturers. It is increasingly difficult to 'wow' the masses with new features. What can samsung or others offer now to compete ? Other than point out comparitive parity and undercut them in price. It seemed Apple's heart is in the Apple watch. Samsung had tried to anticipate and rush out a competing product. And Apple handed thier asses back to them. How long will it be before...
I seem to remember people moaning about the thick bezel and that it was the wrong shape for viewing movies.It is only after numerous failed attempts by copiest companies to make something 'better' that you recognise the "superb, sleek and fresh design" in retrospect.
We wish we could tell you more. I think the apple watch demo yesterday was only the tip of the iceberg. The full capabilities will come on the day of its sales launch. Apple is giving the developers time to work on - and ready apps in time for launch. Those mysterious lenses on the back will do alot more than monitor heartrate you can bet. Much of its real functionality has been left unsaid, ( why give copiest companies the heads up on what's to come) The Apple watch will...
Hey, Thanks for that tip Apple11.Stock market theory has always troubled me - now it has become clear.
Asian corporate structure ?Graphic designers and artists know that experience the world over !
Hey, don't knock it. Samsung is updating it will Health features !I'm thinking - a stopwatch (with alarm)A pedometer with gps (so you know how far you have walked.)A calculator (for working out health related math)A torch (for nighttime jogging)A fully touch based screen ( for viewing heathy websites - very small)Waterproof for swimming, surfing etc.A camera for those exciting 'surfing action' stills.Tough plastic case for danger sports, rock climbing, base jumping etc.I'm...
A large tech company cooking books ?That could never happen . . .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympus_scandal
I am waiting for the Apple multimaterial 3d printer.I want to be able to print out Aluminium cased working circuit boards complete with Retina screens, plastic keys and (etc).It must print at a resolution in the atomic scale, at at least 1 cubic foot a second.A real world matter replicator is the next revolutionary step that Apple needs to take. Wall Street and most knowledgable analysts understand this.And yet we are kept waiting.I refuse to buy anymore Apple products...
I have noticed that ads have appeared back on apps targeted at children. I thought ( during Steve Jobs' tenure ) ads on childrens apps were banned. Anyone else recall this ? Am I wrong or has the rule changed now ?
Wealthier, Ignorant journalists exposed as imbeciles.
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