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I am waiting for the Apple multimaterial 3d printer.I want to be able to print out Aluminium cased working circuit boards complete with Retina screens, plastic keys and (etc).It must print at a resolution in the atomic scale, at at least 1 cubic foot a second.A real world matter replicator is the next revolutionary step that Apple needs to take. Wall Street and most knowledgable analysts understand this.And yet we are kept waiting.I refuse to buy anymore Apple products...
I have noticed that ads have appeared back on apps targeted at children. I thought ( during Steve Jobs' tenure ) ads on childrens apps were banned. Anyone else recall this ? Am I wrong or has the rule changed now ?
Wealthier, Ignorant journalists exposed as imbeciles.
This will be bad news for AAPL. It is very dissapointing that iPad sales are being cannibalized by iPad sales. Perhaps Apple should make something nobody wants, to make the "flagship" products more appealing. Works for everyone else !
  Steve - start rumors about televisions ? NEVER !
Try this test: type the word 'shill' into your browser.Wiki definition sound right ?
I'm sure the Samsung board will be saying the same thing to themselves.We can mock them, antagonise them, copy their products.They are just bluffing.Apple NEED US !
Crushing demand. Can't manufacture iPhone 5 fast enough to meet demand. And this is seen as bad news. I bet Microsoft would like some of this 'bad news'.
  Why would Apple take its frustration out on the British people ? This judge's view does not represent national opinion.   It is a bad decision, the judge is an idiot.   Apple will move on.
  The "Fandroid" community seems to include most of the popular press.   The "popular impression of Apple seems to be,   Apple is a bully, because it releases great products but charges too much. A bully that needs to be 'Knocked down a peg or two'. Doesn't let other companies compete fairly, by releasing products BEFORE their competitors. Has the nerve to protect its IP against competing products that 'look similar' by using EXPENSIVE lawyers. Has gotten  TOO BIG ! and...
New Posts  All Forums: