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3.5" was the best size. Apple did research and told us it was the optimal size. 4" is their phablet category.  Do iphone 5 and 5s not understand that? No one wants a bigger size.
or when you make shitty adapters 
I have Verizon. Show me a cdma and LTE phone that works on it's network for $159.
Samsung out grew Apple according to the same report112% vs 83%  Why focus on Samsung. The LG G3 is the phone to get.  LG also out grew Samsung. 
Down from 44% last year.
Daniel Eran Dilger = DED = Corrections
lol Flames.
 Isnt SIRI itself still beta or iphone4 users use it now?
but but but USA is the only country that matters. Not third world countries like China.
 Been able to do so last 3 years with very few false positives.
New Posts  All Forums: